Do You Bring Positivity or Negativity?

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Every time you come in contact with anyone, you are one of two things—an energy giver or an energy sucker. Either you bring positivity and leave people feeling better for having interacted with you or your negativity drained them, which means you are known as an “Energy Vampire.” It is scientific proof that energy is exchanged between people—we literally give and receive energy.

The greatest leaders are energy givers all of the time. The room changes when they come into it, just by their presence. Employees get excited about themselves and the critical part they play in the companies success after the conversations they have with these types of leaders. Leaders with energy make those around them better.

You need to first reflect on yourself and if you are an energy giver or sucker. Just because you high-fived someone this week does not make you a fulltime energy giver. You have to do it consistently. It is a conscious decision, a choice you focus on all the time. Energy Givers…

  • Quote by John DiJuliusraise the confidence of everyone they come in contact with
  • improve morale, chemistry, and performance
  • constantly show gratitude and thanks
  • give everyone else the credit
  • believe in others
  • are there for others when they struggle, fail or are going through hard times
  • are their employees biggest cheerleaders
  • constantly find out the goals of their employees and help them achieve those goals
  • are great listeners
  • always build strong relationship and emotional capital with those around them
  • will walk through a fire for those on his or her team
  • give more

It is just as important to reflect on the type of people around you, are they energy givers or energy vampires? How do they compare to the list above. Are you hiring and promoting energy givers? Energy givers DO NOT spend time with energy suckers.

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Lead Your Evolution

2018 Customer Service Revolution Conference Speaker Judson Laipply

With the technical disruption, innovation has never moved at such a rapid pace. How do you possibly keep up? “Everything changes. Not everything evolves. Providing exceptional customer service is a never-ending quest that often faces constant change. Good companies aim to manage that change. Exceptional companies stop managing change and start leading evolution,” says motivational speaker Judson Laipply. “Change is inevitable; evolving is not. Evolving means becoming a better version of ourselves, our organizations, our world, by focusing on the things we have influence over. Aiming to provide the best service at all times in every way.”

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Judson Laipply Keynoting The Customer Service Revolution

The 2018 Customer Service Revolution Conference

Judson Laipply, The DiJulius Group

The DiJulius Group is thrilled to announce Judson Laipply will be keynoting the 2018 Customer Service Revolution. He’s been seen on the Today Show, Ellen, Inside Edition, GMA, Oprah and more. He is the world’s first YouTube Celebrity with his video The Evolution of Dance, the first video to ever reach 100 million views. Blending comedy and content, Judson is engaging, educational, and entertaining. Judson’s keynote will be focused on overcoming the adverse reaction to chaos and embracing the struggles that strengthen. As leaders, we need to help our organizations see the need to evolve as the world moves faster and faster. Organizations need a constant evolving mentality. Learn how you can help lead your evolution, with practical strategies you can implement personally and professionally.

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