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Well read – In last week’s eService (one of my more popular ones) I shared The difference between a Mission, Purpose, & Customer Service Vision Statements. In it I demonstrate the clear difference and importance of each statement, especially how it should be interpreted by your employees. In this eService I want to demonstrate exactly how one company does that.

NewDay USA is one of the fastest growing VA mortgage lenders serving America’s veterans and their families. NewDay
has a similar dilemma to what many other companies face; their Customer facing employees don’t have the same perspective as their primary Customer. The vast majority of NewDay’s Account Executives are in their mid-to-late twenties, and a high percentage of NewDay’s Customers are Vietnam Veterans. So you can see how it would be hard for a 25-year old, recent college graduate, to relate, empathize, and walk in the shoes of a 72-year old Veteran. On top of that, too many leaders discount what a great workforce the millennial generation can be. Not Rob Posner, CEO of NewDay USA. Posner has created a strong purpose, making sure every one of his employees has compassion and empathy for their Customer.

NewDay’s Mission Statement –

Building the #1 mortgage company in America
serving Veterans, Service Members, and their Families.

NewDay’s Purpose Statement –

Realizing the American dream
for those who made ours possible.

Must thrive inside to be experienced outside – Now those statements might excite you, make you proud of the company you work for and the impact you can have. However, as it was stated, the Mission and Purpose statements are bigger picture, they are not actionable. Instead they are results. You can also find those statements on NewDay USA’s website. What you won’t find on their website is their Customer Service Vision Statement. That isn’t to be advertised to the public. Rather it is strictly for NewDay employees, to get them to understand the part they play in accomplishing the mission and purpose. It’s how each interaction they have, be it over the phone, in person, or via email, needs to help them want to get out of bed in the morning and race to work. However, before an employee can understand what your Customer Service Vision Statement is, they must first be able to walk in their customers’ shoes. Watch NewDay’s Day-in-the-Life of a Veteran video that each new employee must watch during their orientation. It is pretty powerful.

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NewDay USA’s Customer Service Vision Statement – After watching the Day-in-the-Life of a Veteran, it should make sense why their service vision is:

It is my turn to serve you, make a positive impact every time! I love that. I like to compare it to Mother’s Day because of the way our moms always took care of everyone else every other day of the year. You just want them to have an incredible day. You tell them, “Don’t get up, I made your breakfast, I booked you a facial at the spa, I have dinner all taken care of, you just enjoy the day.” That is the same mentality NewDay wants their employees to have for their Veterans, ‘It is my turn to serve you.” How will they serve and make a positive impact every time? Through their pillars, by making an emotional connection, providing excellent mortgage lending expertise, and looking for ways to constantly exceed their Customer’s expectations.

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