Omni+ Powered by Safe Select: Complete CCaaS Outbound Compliance

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We are happy to announce that NobelBiz has partnered with Customer Dynamics, the #1 TCPA compliance innovator, to futureproof its contact center technology ecosystem.

Integrating Customer Dynamics’ Safe Select tool, NobelBiz OMNI+ now allows contact centers to run omnichannel outbound campaigns that will remain compliant with the overlay of the federal TCPA and the individual state legislation.


By integrating Customer Dynamics’ human approval call sequence selection tool, NobelBiz takes a step further in developing one of the most competitive CCaaS solutions on the market, while Customer Dynamic is rapidly expanding its compliance suite at a national level.

The new OMNI+ Powered by Safe Select was designed to safeguard and futureproof the interests of outbound contact centers.

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Two Outbound Compliance Scenarios

This new partnership will keep contact centers safe by preventing two of the most troublesome scenarios:

1. They might think they have consent by using outbound lists that meet all the requirements only to find out that the bar gets moved on them because of a new court decision.

2. They might think they’re not using an ATDS to place non-consent outbound calls, but a new ruling comes out the next day stating that they are using an Automatic Telephone Dialing System.

“We are a world leader in what we do, and as a world leader, people are coming to us asking for solutions that meet all of the different regulations and that require us to find the best solution in the market to partner with; experts that know what they’re doing. And we chose to work with Customer Dynamics, and the specific tool they have – Safe Select,” says Steve Bederman, President of NobelBiz.

How does the new Secure Call instance work?

Our non-ATDS system does not use a random number generator nor dial numbers from a list in sequential order. The entire process depends on the human selecting the following number to be called or the next message to be sent. You get full traceability for an audit: when the click was made, date, time, stamp, etc.

We keep contact centers safe with three simple steps:

1. Integrating Customer Dynamics’ human approval call sequence selection tool to bypass all the ATDS complications.

2. Closely monitoring the legal evolutions on a state and federal level

3. Updating the integrated suppression engines accordingly so that contact centers can remain compliant no matter what the future holds.

The result is a fully operational outbound omnichannel system designed to safely navigate contact centers through the existing federal and cross-state compliance challenges.

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“We were very excited when Nobelbiz came to us asking for this partnership because we know how powerful they are in the market and how important what we have in the market is. Safe Select from Customer Dynamics is a high-performance, robust, easy-to-use, web-based solution that seamlessly scales TCPA and Florida Robocall-compliant dialing campaigns from thousands to millions of records by using human approval call selection for each outbound call,” says Geoff Obeney, CEO of Customer Dynamics.

For more information and to see the platform in action, visit the NobelBiz | Customer Dynamics partnership page.

The Swiss-Army-Knife of Outbound Compliance

Running outbound campaigns in today’s legal environment is a significant challenge for most, if not all, contact centers. By combining OMNI+ with Safe Select, you get one of the most convenient and easy-to-use CCaaS solutions that can remain compliant with the federal TCPA and individual state laws.

✔️ Adhere to new compliance rules very quickly
✔️ Compliance with state non-ATDS Rules
✔️ State-specific custom call windows
✔️ Built-in suppression on DNC lists
✔️ Opt-out capabilities
✔️ Compliance in an omnichannel environment

✔️ FDCPA compliance (number of times & mode of communication)
✔️ Lead fraud protection
✔️ PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment capabilities
✔️ CRM & downloaded list integration
✔️ Cloud-based technology on Amazon Web Services
✔️ Can work anywhere in the world

With the Omni+ Powered by Safe Select, contact centers can now safeguard themselves from litigation by adding a solid layer of protection that will allow them to operate in a highly uncertain and risky legal environment.

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