OnStar: Baby Locked In Car

OnStar doesn’t help a non-subscriber who locked baby in car – A Customer had a vehicle with General Motors’ OnStar system that provides emergency and roadside assistance; however, this Customer decided not to continue to subscribe to the service. Then she accidentally locked her purse, car keys, and her infant daughter, in the car. When she contacted OnStar and asked them to help, just this once, because there was a baby in the car, She blogged about the incident:

“I then called and tried to get OnStar to assist us but the bastards wouldn’t help because I didn’t have a subscription. Now, I know they have a connection to my car because OnStar was on it when I bought it but they claimed there was nothing they could do.”

Swing & Miss – This type of hero opportunity is a world-class Customer service organization’s dream. OnStar had an incredible opportunity to deliver a huge above & beyond opportunity with a potential Customer that I am sure would have been shared all over social media. They need to be able to have this capability both technically and by empowering their front-line employees to capitalize on these moments.

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