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TLC started a Patient Service Revolution – I always tell people that while the Secret Service Summit has the best speakers on Customer Xperience in the world, you will learn the most from the other companies and attendees in the audience. Everyone in attendance gets it, loves it, and lives it. They are the true practitioners finding ways to become the brand Customers cannot live without. A perfect example is TLC Laser Vision, a national laser eye-surgery chain with more than fifty locations throughout the United States and Canada. Since our first Secret Service Summit in 2009, TLC has sent approximately 30 people every year. And each year they go back and implement so many incredible things that produce immediate results and impact patient satisfaction scores and referrals. In this short video, Terry Alarcon, TLC’s Customer Xperience Executive, shares what they have rolled out in 2015 as a result of attending last year’s Secret Service Summit.

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Dash cam busts dealership employee abusing Customer’s car – Ever wonder what the valet or mechanic does with you car while you leave it with them? One car owner found out. A woman brought her car into the dealership to have the radio fixed. When she got her car back, she downloaded her car’s dashboard camera and was shocked at what she found. The dash cam shows a dealership employee driving her car around northern Colorado, running errands, even driving through a red light. The video totaled about 17 hours over a 4-day period and estimated 200 miles.

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Customer Xperience Architect – Dave Murray is the Senior Customer Experience Consultant of The DiJulius Group. Dave works daily with the best Customer Xperience Executives around the world, helping them generate ideas, turning ideas into systems, and then implementing and executing them enterprise wide. His strength is making Customer Experience measureable and accountable. As a result of Dave’s expertise, we are having him present three breakout sessions at the 2015 Secret Service Summit; one on Turning your call center into a Relationship Center, one on Creating a World-Class Internal Culture, and one, Is it time to hire a CXO?

Turning your call center into a Relationship Center – Are metrics (average talk time, hold time, calls per hour) and use of multiple screens causing your call center reps to become transactional? Do you wish your call center reps could become relationship specialists? Learn how to increase interaction without effecting productivity. This breakout will share ways to turn run-of-the- mill calls into effective, memorable touch points.

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Creating a World-Class Internal Culture – Your Customers will never be any happier than your employees. Internal Culture is the root cause of great initiatives catching fire and effecting positive change. Internal Culture is also the root cause of great initiatives falling flat and lasting less than two weeks. Where does your culture fall? This breakout will explore some quick fixes to improve culture, with the goal of creating happy employees and an ownership mentality across the organization.

Is it time to hire a CXE? The fastest growing C- level position in recent years is the CXE – Customer eXperience Executive, also known as the CXO (Chief Xperience Officer). While MBA programs have prepared leaders for accounting, finance, marketing, HR, and operations management, there remained a need for education to design and manage the Customer’s experience. This breakout will provide an overview of when your company should consider having a dedicated CXE, and how they should go about selecting and training that person. Current CXE will be on hand as part of a panel to discuss application of what they have learned, as well to answer your questions in a panel format.

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