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Major league baseball team owner tells unhappy fans to stay home – Service Aptitude starts at the top, and it is clear that Colorado Rockies owner Dick Monfort could use a seat at the summit . The team isn’t playing well, which typically results in fans venting their frustration. Shockingly, Monfort has chosen to respond to fans’ emails with responses like: “By the way you talk maybe Denver doesn’t deserve a franchise, maybe time for it to find a new home. Thanks.” And another that said, “If the experience is that bad, don’t come to the games.” As a result of the backlash from the fan base, Monfort was forced to issue a public apology.

A Widow gets a pleasant surprise from a server – Up until the husband passed away, a couple spent 31 wedding anniversaries together at the Red Lobster. After the husband’s passing, the widow’s daughter took her mother to the Red Lobster on their anniversary date. Instead of a bill, they were surprised to receive this note from their server:

We are sorry to hear about your husband’s passing, but we appreciate your loyalty in spending 31 years of your anniversary with us. For your appreciation your meal is on us! We look forward to spending your next anniversary with us!


Red Lobster + your server, Taylor

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Anytime eXperience – In 2014, Anytime Fitness was ranked number one by Entrepreneur magazine’s annual “Franchise 500” list. Anytime Fitness is the world’s largest and fastest-growing coed fitness club chain. It was also recently named one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” by Forbes magazine, as well as the “Best Place to Work” by Minnesota Business magazine two years in a row. The purpose of Anytime Fitness is “to improve the self esteem of the world.”

Tattoo-Level Brand Loyalty – I haven’t worked with too many companies that can rival the amazing culture created by cofounders Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen at Anytime Fitness. Their internal culture is incredible. Not only do their franchisees and team members bleed purple, but so do their members (Customers). Over 1,500 employees and Customers are sporting an Anytime Fitness logo tattoo on their body. CEO Chuck Runyon is all about ROEI: Return on Emotional Investment. “People invest emotional capital into every relationship they have, including with the brands they trust,” Runyon says. After 10 years, Anytime Fitness has certainly achieved ROI, with 1.6 million members sweating in nearly 2,000 clubs in 14 countries. Find out how Anytime achieved the kind of ROEI that leads to 1,500 people getting Anytime logo tattoos, by reading this article by Runyon on his 4 Rules for Tattoo-level Brand Loyalty.

Chuck Runyon is keynoting at the 2014 Secret Service Summit – There are entrepreneurs who leave their mark in all industries, people like Richard Branson or Howard Schultz. Chuck Runyon is that type of entrepreneur and leader. Runyon has been honored as the “Visionary of the Year” by Chief Executive magazine with its “Leadership” award for his commitment to investing in people and relationships. “It’s always a profound situation where someone transforms their life or helps another person change the trajectory of their life. It’s about discovering a new lifestyle and philosophy, and discovering the soul gratifying currency of purpose.” The DiJulius Group is excited to share that Chuck Runyon is presenting at the Secret Service Summit November 5th & 6th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Last chance to save $300 on your Summit ticket – You only have a few more days to take advantage of the early bird special and save $300 on your Secret Service Summit tickets, offer ends August 31st. Also every person attending the Summit will receive a copy of James Gilmore’s international best seller; The Experience Economy.

Customer eXperience Executive Academy – As a result of the organizations hiring and promoting a key executive to oversee their company’s Customer Experience, The DiJulius Group has launched the Customer eXperience Executive Academy so companies can send their Customer service leaders for comprehensive training and certification on all the facets and responsibilities that fall under Customer experience. If you or someone in your company is a fit for the Customer eXperience Executive Academy, give us a call today at 440-443-0023.

A back to school tradition – It is that time of year again, kids starting school. With them at school, potentially working long hours and traveling a great deal, there are some days I may not get to see my kids before they go to bed. A long time ago I realize that I totally missed out on those days and an opportunity to “high-five” them or give them needed comforting. I created journals for each one of my boys. These journals are kept on their bed stands and are filled out every night before they go to bed. We start a new journal every fall at back to school time. The first page (see picture) I fill out all the information and ask them questions like who their current teacher is, what sport they are playing, height, weight, favorite color, breakfast, lunch, dinner, movie, restaurant, activities, TV show to what do they want to be when they grow up. It is funny how the answers change so drastically each time. The rest of the journal consists of blank pages with lines on it waiting to be filled out. And every night before bed, they tell me how their day went and I write down whatever they say. They tell me what happened at school, at recess, after school, and the rest of their day. We finish with their highs and lows of the day. We have been doing this for about nearly 15 years. We have boxes full of journals that have so many amazing things written in them. I cherish these and know my boys will cherish them someday when they are older. It has become such an important part of our daily routine, that when I travel, I bring the journals with me and call them from wherever I am at precisely 9 PM Cleveland time and we do their journals over the phone.

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