Restaurant mails a bill for use of restroom

Restaurant sends consumer an invoice for restroom visit – This story is too crazy to make up. The Flood Zone restaurant in Houston Texas area sends a woman, who used their restroom, a bill for $5.00 for using their restroom. Besides this being one of the worst Customer service examples ever, the amount of resources this owner used is ridiculous. The owner records the woman’s license plate down as she leaves the parking lot, than has the local sheriff run her plates so he can get her personal information. For some reason the sheriff gives it to him, which is an entirely different story. Then the owner takes the time to sit down and write a handwritten letter asking for $5.00 and mails it to this woman. I am thinking the owner of the restaurant needs to be spending his time in other parts of his business than this, not to mention the Sheriff. You have to watch the news clip on to truly appreciate the absurdity. Restaurant charges woman for use of bathroom