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Social Service Media – Last week I spoke at the Social Media Marketing World conference, where well over 2,000 people attended to learn more about how Social Media is evolving and having an impact on all businesses like nothing ever has before. Social Media is still in diapers and it is already an old paradigm. It is not just a one-sided marketing campaign to promote your brand. Today it is a primary channel to communicate and have conversations with your Customers. Social Media is rapidly increasing and soon will be the number one way your Customers engage with you, surpassing your Customer service reps in your call center.

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A World-Class online experience – Your employees who are managing your on-line presence and social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc., need to understand that what it takes to build a world-class online experience is not different from face-to-face or over the phone contacts. If you have someone who is irritated in front of you in a store, you would calmly apologize, speak softly and try to get them to walk over to a less crowded area where you can help them. That is exactly what social media marketers need to do. First address the upset Customer, ignoring them is the worst thing you can do. Second, get the conversation off-line, get them to call you where you can show empathy and resolve their problem. In many cases you can turn an online brand terrorist into a brand ambassador sharing how you were a hero for them all over social media.

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Corporate social service responsibility – When is it right? When do they go too far? What do you want from big corporations as far as where their social responsibilities start and stop? We like when they are charitable and give back, but we don’t like when they share their religious perspectives or support of politicians. Starbucks has set off a flurry of debate over the introduction of their “Race Together campaign.” Starbucks had their baristas write “Race Together” on cups in an effort to get a dialogue on race going, which led to an outcry from some consumers, bloggers and news media outlets. CEO Howard Schultz is known for taking on big issues like job creation and education so the coffee chain’s latest initiative centered around diversity and racial inequality was not a big departure from that. I want you to tell me if you think well-known brands and CEO’s should be using their public platforms to be activists toward social issues. Share your comment here.

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