Store Charges Customers ‘Just Looking’ Fee

Store Charges Customers ‘Just Looking’ Fee – A store has had it with Customers walking around the store without buying anything. As a result, Redditor Barrett Fox posted a picture of a sign informing shoppers of a new “just looking fee” at a specialty food store in Brisbane, Australia. The fee is $5.00. I can’t make this stuff up. Look at the sign below.

Begging to go out of business – This is one of the worst policies I have ever heard of. No business makes it very longtreating Customers like this. If people are not buying from you, you need to figure out why; is it price, product, or service? Then fix it, don’t punish the Customer. Obviously they haven’t heard of the saying, “Don’t punish 98% of your Customers for what you are afraid of 2% might do.”

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