Spend less on advertising

Spend less on advertising &ndash

Research has shown that world-class Customer service organizations spend less on advertising than the rest of their industry. Why? Because they have an unpaid sales force &mdash

their existing Customers. See: Smoking Gun blog post

Brand Evangelists – Carter Mario Law Firm, specializing in personal injury, has six locations throughout Connecticut and is a classic example of this theory. When Carter Mario started tracking the source of incoming calls, (the backbone of their business) in 2006 roughly 30% of their calls came from word of mouth/referral sources and the approximately 70%, came from paid advertising. By the graph below, you can see the positive growth of the law firm’s word of mouth calls, (2006-2012) and last year they eclipsed 60%!

A world-class hospitality law firm – What changed or what was the driving force behind this movement? “While we thought we were client centric, we realized we were relative to injury attorneys, which means we were the best of a lousy group,” says Carter Mario. “In 2007 our entire organization including receptionists, in-take specialists, administrative positions, and attorneys, became obsessed with being a world-class Customer service company, benchmarked against anyone in any other industry.” That they did! Carter Mario Law Firms are well known for their Customer service. I featured them in my 2nd book, What’s the Secret?, and Carter Mario himself shared his story at our Secret Service Summit, where his company won the Secret Service System Award, presented to only one amazing Customer service organization per year.”

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