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Collecting Customer Intelligence

One of the most popular ideas implemented by clients of The DiJulius Group is teaching their Customer facing employees to focus and collect FORD (Family, Occupation, Recreation, & Dreams). If you are not familiar with the FORD concept, read You Say You Have Relationships with your Customers? Prove it! However, introducing the FORD concept and having your employees actually using it regularly are two totally different things. Like anything, you need to roll it out, get everyone’s buy-in, and hold them accountable until it is a consistent non-negotiable in everyone’s Customer interactions.

Tracking FORD

This is a great system if your business model deals with any type of scheduled Ford1, The DiJulius Groupappointments with Customers. You can look at anyone’s schedule for the day, week or month and see the Customers they interacted with, either over the phone or face to face. We launched ‘February FORD’ month at John Robert’s Spa to remind everyone the importance and benefits of focusing and tracking our Customer’s FORD. We let our employees know we were tracking everyone’s FORD. At the end of each day, we would review the FORD notes in every Customer’s profile to see if they were added/updated. We posted results weekly for everyone to see, at each location and on our internal Facebook. The person with the highestFord2, The DiJulius Group FORD % received a $100 bonus. Fortunately we had to pay out several bonuses because several people got 100%, meaning, they posted FORD notes on every single Customer they came in contact with for the entire month of February.

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Benefits Of Tracking FORD
  1. It became a habit for the vast majority of our Customer facing employees that they have continued.
  2. They built better and more rewarding relationships by focusing on the Customer.
  3. February was our highest rate of Customer retention in several years.
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