Advice From 18 of the Top CX Experts

Advice From 18 of the Top CX Experts

November 07, 2018 | By:

The DiJulius Group held our annual Customer Service Revolution October 24th and 25th in Cleveland, Ohio. It has grown into the #1 Customer Service conference with a community of 700 extremely passionate revolutionaries, from all over the world, looking to create brands customers cannot live without and make price irrelevant. This year was The DiJulius Group’s 10th conference with the highest ratings ever. Here… Read Full Article

The Retail Shopping Experience

Experience Is Your Best Weapon in The Retail Apocalypse

July 30, 2018 | By:

As brick and mortar retail locations are currently struggling to compete with the growing world of online shopping, it is more important now than ever for store front retailers to embrace their core differentiation: the physical shopping experience. What experience are you providing to your customers that will allow you to stand out and differentiate… Read Full Article

Meet as a Stranger, Leave as a Friend

March 21, 2018 | By:

Everyone has an invisible sign above his or her head that reads “Make me feel important” I believe there is no greater skill one can acquire that can have a bigger impact in our lives than the ability to build an instant strong rapport with others; whether they are acquaintances, customers, employees, co-workers, neighbors, or total… Read Full Article

Millenials and Millennial Talent

How to Retain Millennial Employees (coming from a Millennial)

March 14, 2018 | By:

  For employers faced with high staff turnover, it can be easy to point the finger at millennials. Millennials have gotten a bad reputation for being entitled job-hoppers who constantly need praise and recognition. It is my duty as a hard working millennial to defy the stereotype and recommend retention guidance to my clients. In order… Read Full Article

Disney's Mary Poppins

Disney’s Never & Always

March 07, 2018 | By:

CUSTOMER BILL OF RIGHTS World-class service companies have what I refer to as a “Customer bill of rights.” These are guidelines that every person in that organization clearly knows and follows 100 percent of the time. Would you ever expect a Ritz-Carlton employee, when asked for directions to the ballroom, to give a response like,… Read Full Article

How To Systemize Relationship Building | 5 Spots Left For 2018 CXEA

November 15, 2017 | By:

Collecting Customer Intelligence One of the most popular ideas implemented by clients of The DiJulius Group is teaching their Customer facing employees to focus and collect FORD (Family, Occupation, Recreation, & Dreams). If you are not familiar with the FORD concept, read You Say You Have Relationships with your Customers? Prove it! However, introducing the… Read Full Article

What Happened to Customer Service in America? Delivering A World-Class Customer Experience is your only competitive advantage.

September 26, 2017 | By:

The world’s most sought after experts pay tribute to the one aspect of business that remains the secret to success: the Customer Experience The Secret Service Summit shares insight, knowledge, and strategies from sought after customer experience experts. Final Countdown Price ends September 30. Customer Service is at the core of our nation’s most spectacular… Read Full Article

Screw Small Talk, Make Big Talk | We Are Just Tourists

May 03, 2017 | By:

Screw Small Talk As a student at Northwestern University, Kalina Silverman performed a social experiment as a research project and ended up starting a global movement, called Big Talk. Due to her own struggles in college and loneliness, Silverman wanted to be able to meet new people and skip the small talk, to have deeper… Read Full Article

You Say You Have Relationships with your Customers? Prove it!

March 15, 2017 | By:

In today’s world, the only thing that is separating companies from offering another commodity is the relationships they have with their customers. If you do not have a relationship with your customer, you better be the cheapest. Companies believe their product is superior, but there are a lot of smart professionals out there and comparable… Read Full Article

Take it Personal

February 21, 2017 | By:

By Katie Mares Customer Experience Consultant for The DiJulius Group Technology has made it increasingly difficult for the storefront retailers to create an experience that satisfies their customer’s needs. Think about it for a minute, when you go on line virtually all websites collect data and your shopping behavior from the last visit to the… Read Full Article