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Customer service, done right, can be your company’s single, biggest, competitive advantage. Join Customer Service Authority and best-selling author, John DiJulius, as he interviews leaders who are revolutionizing their industries. Scroll down to see our most recent episodes.

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007: Giving a World-Class Employee and Customer Experience with Mike and Tina Hodges

How much of your focus as a company is on employee experience? When you build a world-class internal culture, what's experienced on the inside will be experienced on the outside.  Be world-class to your employees and they will give that to your customers. Today’s guests are leaders and visionaries, Mike...
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006: Walking Through Fire for Your People with Jim McManemon

In this highly competitive world of business, price and quality can only bring you so far. What will then set you apart? Genuine customer care = highest customer satisfaction But that can only be achieved under a strong banner of leadership. Today's guest is Ritz-Carlton royalty, Jim McManemon.  A veteran...
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005: How to Be the ONLY in Your Industry with Jesse Cole

What makes you stand out from the rest in your industry? It can't just be the price. It can't just be the product. Think fans first. Think not just customer experience – but remarkable customer experience. But what kind of experience would make you different?  How do you keep your...
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004: The Three-Tiered Approach to Leadership with Alden Mills

Are you and your organization really focused on leadership, or are you too focused on the byproducts of leadership?  In times of crisis where there’s too much uncertainty, where do you stand as a leader? In this episode, Dave Murray from The DiJulius Group chats with Alden Mills, a nationally...
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003: How to Lead in a Crisis

In times of adversity and change, we discover who we are and what we're made of. As the saying goes, "Tough times don't build character. They reveal it." How you lead right now says so much about you as a leader. You have to set the tone for your entire...
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002: Opportunities in Adversity

Today, I want to talk about the incredible opportunities that can come from the COVID-19 crisis in our personal lives.  Constantly checking news headlines and social media during times like this can become an unhealthy addiction. This can add to your stress and fear that would only negatively impact your...
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001: What Will Be Your Quarantine Narrative?

Welcome to the first episode of the Customer Service Revolution Podcast! This is more than a podcast though. It's a movement.  The Customer Service Revolution is a radical overthrow of conventional business mentality designed to transform what customers and employees experience. If you are a revolutionary customer service leader who's...
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