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From Zero to $110 million in revenue
The Select Group (TSG) is one of the leading IT Recruiting and Staffing  companies in the country. TSG was started in 1999 and has expanded to 10 locations across North America. As a client of The DiJulius Group, TSG focuses on making the Customer Experience its number one competitive advantage to avoid having to compete in price wars. Founder and CEO, Sheldon Wolitski, is the driving force that has helped TSG go from zero in sales to $110 Million. I encourage you to listen to this podcast interview with Wolitski and CEO Coaching International.

The impact of a CXE
If nothing else, listen at the 15:00 mark of the interview to what Wolitski says about TSG’s commitment to the Customer, and the dramatic impact of hiring a Customer eXperience Executive has had.

It’s obsessing over our customers. We’ve got two customers. We’ve got the customers and we also have our consultants. We’ve got over 1,000 consultants that are actually on site at our customers. It’s interesting, I created a vision to be the best in the eyes of our consultants, customers, and employees, but I just really didn’t … There wasn’t any meat behind it until I was actually at a Mark Moser’s CEO summit, and we had a gentleman there who was speaking on world class customer service, and I felt like he was talking directly to me on my vision. Over the last 6 months, we completely transformed how we look at customers, the customer experience, and consultant experience.
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For the first time, I went out and hired what we call a CXO, which is … It’s one of the fastest growing executive positions right now, it’s a chief experience officer, and his whole role is to make sure that customers are having an amazing experience, again, if you have consultants, or also the internal employee experience. It’s been an absolute game changer. We’re really focused on the net promoter score. We’ve gone up, over the last 3 years, from an average of about 8 and a half to 8.6, and we just finished our last net promoter score, we do it twice a year, and we’ve averaged 9.3 on the customer side and 9.4 on the consultant side.
We are just obsessed over this right now, and it’s interesting, it’s actually given all of our employees a little bit more of a purpose in life as well, and a purpose in their job, where it was really kind of focused on revenue and placing people, but really we’re focusing on impacting lives, and that’s really what we’ve done. It’s really kind of the “why” behind why we do what we do, so it’s been a huge transformation. Right now, from the customers that I’ve talked to, and the competitors that I know in the industry, we’re the only ones that are doing it. We’re kind of pioneering this in our industry, it’s going to be a big game changer.

TSG’s Credo
Their Customer Service Vision Statement is “To Impact lives one positive experience at a time.” They also created a great Non-Negotiable list of Never & Always that every employee follows.

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Meet the 2015 Graduating Class of the
Customer eXperience Executive Academy
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The CX Executive Academy just graduated its inaugural 2015 class, and for  the first time ever we have Certified 1cd36608 66f5 47b4 99cc D4a90af39f5f, The DiJulius GroupCustomer eXperience Executives (CXE). These graduates are the most prepared CXE’s in the world, working for companies like NewDay USA, RPM Domino’s, Millers  Textile, Centre Salons & Spas, and Global Village Toronto. The CXE course is a 12-month, part-time program. Training will occur in a classroom and virtually through scheduled calls and webinars. We just launched the 2016 class last week, which was sold out. Because of the high demand for this course we have added a new class (’16-’17) that starts in August of 2016. Check out the 2016 schedule and register today before it sells out.


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