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UberGuest  – The ultimate personalization App Bbbfd5d8 72c9 4189 A552 389bd35b03c4, The DiJulius Group

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel encourages their staff to Anticipate the unexpressed needs of their guests. Well, the UberGuest App is taking that mantra to a whole new level. I came across the following story in book called, 501 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Customers by Donna Cutting. UberGuest  is a new system using GPS technology to enhance the guest experience. It’s the brainchild of Klaus Peters, who has a long history of managing high-end hotels. “I realized there was a missing link to providing a personalized experience,” says Klaus. “In order to provide true, automatic personal service, we need to recognize the customers before they arrive.”

If you download the UberGuest app, you have the ability to fill out your profile with everything from personal preferences to peanut allergies. When you are within 10 miles of the hotel, the staff is alerted E3986468 9803 44a2 9524 820e18d7b260, The DiJulius Groupand is prepared to greet you by name. In fact, whether you head to the hotel gym, a restaurant on the property, or a retail shop, you are greeted by name. Equipped with the information you have provided, the staff is then able to personalize, surprise, and delight you as the occasion arises. The system is meant for high-end hotel guests who want to be recognized by name, greeted at the door, and leave the long front-desk lines behind.

Stop teaching your employees how not to get fired

While attending the Customer Executive eXperience Academy, Bob Hager,  President of Miller’s Textile Service, said something extremely 8abcb696 Aa85 4d88 B52e 95ed7c285368, The DiJulius Groupprofound that was an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment for all the attendees and instructors. We were discussing the critical importance of great, new employee orientation training, and people were going back and forth about what their Policy Handbook said when Hager asked, “Why do companies have policy handbooks, teaching employees the hundred different ways they can get fired? Instead, why don’t we have Successful Employee Career Playbooks teaching employees how to have a long and successful career.”  I am not sure if it was as much an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment as it was a ‘Duh’ moment.

Why it is critical that your Customers know your purpose

“Business is no longer just about creating products and services that make money. Now, more than ever before, it’s important for companies to put purpose at the heart of what they do,” shares Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Airlines, in his latest blog Why customers want to buy from purposeful businesses. It is worth the 5 minute read.

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