Want Something? Just Press the “YES” Button

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Want something? Just press the “YES” button

When you stay at a Virgin Hotel, you will notice a button on the top of all their phones, in the rooms, labeled “YES”. The “YES” button conveys the staff’s commitment to make your request happen. It should be no surprise Virgin Hotels Chicago was named #1 hotel in the United States.
What message are you sending to your team to find a way to please the Customer?


Everything is our problem

Watch this 2-minute video and see how having the philosophy of Everything Is Our Problem can transform your Customer Experience.

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Mark Sanborn is the author of the international bestseller The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary. Mark is the president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., an idea lab for leadership development and turning ordinary into extraordinary. Globalgurus.org lists Mark as one of the top leadership experts in the world.

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Mark Sanborn Keynoting The Customer Service Revolution

Fd4dca45 5648 4910 A7b3 A4313c00865b, The DiJulius GroupThe DiJulius Group is thrilled to announce Mark Sanborn will be presenting at the 2018 Customer Service Revolution. Mark’s presentation is based on The Fred Factor. This highly motivational presentation shows you how to:

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  • Reinvent your business and life regularly by personal responsibility
  • Build better relationships with customers, colleagues and others
  • Continually create new value by replacing money with imagination
  • Out think your competition rather than outspend them

This program is a powerful way to get everyone from frontline employees to upper management focused on the importance of self-responsibility and creating new value for those with whom we work and live. This presentation goes beyond the workplace to show listeners how to enrich their personal lives, as well.

FREE Webinar:
4 Keys to Sustainable World-Class Customer Service

How can your business consistently deliver a great customer experience, and compete on service rather than price? Find out, in this FREE 20 minute live webinar.

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Top 10 Books on Customer Service
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Each of these books is a key component to revolutionizing your organization’s Customer Experience. What do they all have in common? Each of the authors are presenting at the  2018 Customer Service Revolution October 24th & 25th in Cleveland, Ohio.
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