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Smile Index – CEO Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels, shares a great example called the Smile Index in his book, Emotional Equation. Whenever he visits one of his properties or any business, he says he can get a true sense of the place within seconds by observing the quantity and quality of the employees’ smiles. “My emotional antennae could pick up whether they were genuine or just a mask. Similarly, when interviewing job candidates, I could intuit a person’s emotional state within ten minutes, so that I knew whether the position would be a healthy habitat for him or her — or not.”

Employee Service Aptitude Test – The most critical piece to building a world-class Customer experience organization is developing employees’ service aptitude constantly. One of the best tools you can ever create is an E-SAT (employee service aptitude test). An E-SAT is a 25-75 multiple choice test that The DiJulius Group’s clients give to all new employees to certify them before they start interacting with their Customers. See how you and your employees would handle the scenario below.

Domino’s really delivers – A great client of The DiJulius Group, Domino’s Pizza, has been making huge strides the past three years in taking their Customer service to new levels. Many of you saw Alan Lovelace speak at last year’s Secret Service Summit on how they are going about it. The three pillars to Domino’s Pizza are Operational Excellence, Customer Delight and Deliver the WOW. If you don’t think a Service Vision and Pillars can have an impact on how employees think, check out this video of how a Domino’s driver crashed his car and still delivered the pizza to the Customer –Delivering the WOW.

We Mean Business I was recently interviewed about how companies can provide a world-class Customer experience. You can check it out here, We Mean Business TV interview.

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