What Will Be Your Quarantine Narrative?

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What Will Be Your Quarantine Narrative?
By John DiJulius, Chief Revolution Officer

Yes, we are currently living in unprecedented times, what also is true is in historical context how we reference our lives will never be the same. Going forward our lives will be broken into two-time frames: BQ (Before Quarantine) and AQ (After Quarantine).

Imagine you wake up tomorrow morning and the date is July 15th, 2021. Think about in vivid detail—what does your world look like? Visualize the best-case scenario for you personally and professionally. While most people don’t realize it yet, right now, at this moment (back in April 2020), each of us is determining what our next 10 years will look like. Will this quarantine be wasted time or your finest hour?

Which of the following descriptions will be part of your quarantine narrative?

  • I felt like a victim and focused on all the things I couldn’t do and how unfair it was
  • I couldn’t stop checking headlines news and it became an unhealthy addiction
  • I got into a funk and allowed myself to spiral
  • I became a couch potato and binged watched too many shows
  • I came up with countless excuses of why I couldn’t exercise
  • I ate more than usual because of stress and boredom
  • I spent way too much time commiserating on social media and in every conversation I had
  • My anxiety and negative attitude affected how I treated my family
  • I wasn’t the best version of myself
  • It took me a long time to recover and get back on my feet emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially


  • I recognized the gift I had been given
  • I realized this was not happening to me rather FOR me
  • I realized how lucky I was and became so grateful for everything I had and most importantly the incredible relationships I had
  • I started reaching out to all the current and past people in my life that meant so much to me and had such an impact on me
  • I repaired and rekindled relationships
  • I made sure everyone important to me knew how much I cared and how appreciative I was for them
  • I started doing things I always dreamed of doing like meditation, yoga, and stretching that is part of my daily life today as a result
  • I took advantage of extra time I had and started having longer kick ass workouts every day
  • I was able to focus on my nutrition by dramatically improving my eating habits and eliminating all my bad habits
  • As a result, I have become obsessed with my health and am in the best shape of my life
  • I discovered a newfound passion that has enriched my life
  • I had a newfound appreciation for all the incredible essential front line workers who bravely and selflessly continued to work for others, such as healthcare providers, law enforcement, military, other first responders, truckers, grocery store employees, delivery people, and other essential services
  • I realized we didn’t need the fancy meals, trips, and other materialistic things to make us happy
  • I realized what was really important and how silly I was reacting to the things that really didn’t matter
  • I discovered being present in the moment with people important to me was ten times more gratifying than having my face buried in a digital device
  • We created new family traditions that connected us deeper
  • I became a sponge, absorbing, inhaling, and consuming so much from podcasts, videos, articles and books a few hours per day
  • I became so much more creative and literally filled notebooks with ideas that propelled my career and positioned my business for long term success
  • It was exactly what I needed to get unstuck and rejuvenate my professional career
  • I rallied my co-workers to brainstorm and reinvent our business to a completely other level
  • I was proud of the way I remained calm, stepped up as a leader and role model and became energized by the obstacles we were facing
  • We created new revenue streams, better processes, more innovative products and services that helped our company grow, helped our customers lives, and created more jobs and opportunities
  • I would not be where I am today in so many areas of my life, if it wasn’t for the sabbatical, I was forced to take back in 2020

I challenge you to make this “pause” the best thing that has ever happened to you. It is a gift, if you choose it to be.

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2.     Podcast You Need to Hear  

Check out this great podcast with Fox news and Mark Cuban titled Mark Cuban’s Confident About America’s Comeback. I always enjoy Cuban’s no BS take on business, however this is a must listen for every business leader. Cuban is a realist and upbeat. Some of my favorite takeaways (and there were many):

“Get ahead of the game. Every small business has areas in which they can improve.”

“There will be new products developed that really change the world. That’s who we are as a country. And that’s why, as bleak as it can seem right now, and is horrific and tragic … we’ll get to the other side, I’m 100 percent certain and we’ll be different when we get there.”

“If the American dream was not alive and well until this point, it just truly got ignited.”


 3.     Short Video You Need To Watch & Share With Your Team and Family

This is my favorite video called “Thank you, Coronavirus” poem, where the author Riya Sokol brilliantly shared the perspective we all need to have during these unprecedented times.

4.     Quote Of The Week

“We don’t get much say over how or when we die, but we do get to decide how we live, so decide. Is this the life you want to live? Is this person you want to love? Is this what you want to do every day? Are these the people you want to spend your time with? Is this the best you can be? Can you be stronger, kinder, more compassionate? Can you love more? Can you care more? Can you show more appreciation? Can you forgive?

—John R. DiJulius III

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