Would your Customers save your life?

ImageFIRST= CustomerFIRST – ImageFIRST is the largest and fastest growing provider of healthcare laundry services to medical practices throughout the US. Why? Because of the fanatical approach they take to the Customer experience they deliver. One of their key differentiators is their Customer Advocate, who comes in contact the most with ImageFIRST Customers.

Not Just a Delivery Guy – Take for instance their drivers who deliver their products to the Customers (i.e. hospitals). Their drivers are not called Delivery Drivers, their titles are “Customer Advocates.” The ImageFIRST website states, “Don’t settle for just a delivery person. When it comes to ensuring positive patient outcomes, your ImageFIRST dedicated representative, called a “Customer Advocate,” is your partner…” ImageFIRST trains their Customer Advocates to build real relationships with each of their Customers.

A Customer saves a Customer Advocate’s life – Recently, a Customer Advocate was on his daily route servicing a long-standing Customer. While making small talk with his Customer at a Health Care facility, the Customer, a nurse, noticed that something wasn’t right. She asked the driver how he was feeling. The driver responded that he felt a little off, having trouble catching his breath. Concerned something was off, the Customer insisted on checking him out. As it turns out the driver’s blood pressure was dangerously high. The Customer called an ambulance and the driver was rushed to the hospital. Turns out the driver had a heart aneurysm, which if gone unchecked could be very dangerous and definitely life threatening.

What if it was just another delivery? As one ImageFIRST executive said, “As a company, this caused us to have a deeper appreciation for our Customer relationships and company culture. If our Customer Advocate was “just a delivery person” and his Customer was “just another stop or delivery” things may have turned out very differently that day!”

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