034: The Legacy of Tony Hsieh, The Man Who Built Zappos Into a Customer Experience Powerhouse

The DiJulius Group’s Chief Revolution Officer John DiJulius and Senior Customer Experience Consultant Dave Murray talk about the legacy of Tony Hsieh, the man who built Zappos into a customer experience powerhouse. Hsieh pioneered so many revolutionizing customer experiences used in all industries today. 

What you will learn:

  • How Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, took an unthinkable business model and turned it into a billion-dollar business.
  • How Zappos produced higher sales by focusing less on marketing and advertising and more on customer service and customer experience.
  • How Zappos offers their employees a quitting bonus to filter out the people who are not truly bought into their culture.
  • How Zappos had to offer free shipping and free returns just to get people to give them a try.
  • How Zappos doesn’t track conventional call center metrics, like average call time, instead, they measure if their reps made a personal emotional connection during the call.
  • Hear what happened when we called Zappos and asked their call center rep what the weather was in a different part of the country.

Resources mentioned:



Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

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John DiJulius

John R. DiJulius is a best-selling author, consultant, keynote speaker and President of The DiJulius Group, the leading Customer experience consulting firm in the nation. He blogs on Customer experience trends and best practices.