3 Short Videos Creating The Purpose Motive

Looking for good ways to inspire your team? Share these three short video links during your huddles, email them out to your entire team, or show them in your meetings.

Selling The Bounce
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There is a myth that people who are more successful end up with higher self-esteem. It is totally the opposite: people with higher self-esteem become more successful. When a person feels their absolute best, in every way, they have higher self-esteem. As a result of higher self-esteem, they are more likely to get the job, sale, promotion, date, or whatever it is they are going after. That is why we have an obligation to be the best part of each and every guest’s day. When we do that—focus on that, they walk out with the bounce in their step and we have just made price irrelevant. Watch this 2-minute video and see the power of teaching your employees to sell the bounce.

Day In The Life Of A John Robert’s Spa Guest
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For your Customer facing employees to deliver world-class service, they must have compassion and empathy for the Customers they are dealing with every day. The best way to do this is to create a day-in-the-life-of-a-Customer story. Watch this 90-second video and see the one we use at John Robert’s Spa to help our team members understand the importance they have in our guest’s day.

DiJulius Family Credo

Thepurposemotive3, The DiJulius GroupAfter seeing how successful businesses were with connecting their people with the overall purpose, I realized this could apply with my family.  Several years ago, my three sons and I sat down and created our own Family Credo statement, three pillars, and our family’s Never & Always. What we came away with was 100% my boys’ ideas. Watch this 2-minute video of my son Bo, 11 years old at the time, share The DiJulius family credo at the 2013 Secret Service Summit. He nailed it!

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