4 Price Myth Busters

What is a price myth buster? It is the false assumption of industries, companies, leaders, and their employees that they are losing existing and potential customers due to lower prices. The following are four excellent examples of price myth busters.


Price Myth Buster #1


Don’t ask the Customers what they want, give them what they can’t live without


A 1,000+-year-old industry had irrefutable evidence that nearly 80% of their customers made their purchasing decision based on price. This information was accurate. The customers are clearly telling them what is most important to them—the price of the product. Why would any company go against what all their customers are telling them? Until one organization did and not only disrupted and dominated that industry but became a model for brands from every industry to replicate.

Price Myth Buster #2

You can’t outsell high Customer attrition

One company was losing nearly 20% of their existing customers each year to competitors due to lower prices…so they thought. Watch what happened:

Price Myth Buster #3

Make the one thing the one thing

A financial company was losing 15% of their potential customers every single month due to finding the identical service for less elsewhere…so they thought. Every 1% was worth nearly $400,000 in revenue per month. Watch what they did:

Price Myth Buster #4

Often, when a customer complains about price, it is not because they are

 not willing to spend that much, it is because the experience didn’t warrant it

Whenever customers would complain about price, this organization’s employees would say, “we are charging too much.” Watch what one organization did when a customer complained about having to pay $40 for a service:

Episode 74 of the CSRevolution Podcast 

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Quote of the Week

“If your customers are a discount away from going elsewhere,

you have zero competitive advantage.”

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