Robots Taking Over Call Center Jobs

Robots Are Taking Over Call Center Jobs

B25f650c 88a0 4fc8 A7a8 C2ce006da015, The DiJulius Group Remember when we used to hear Prince’s song Party like it’s 1999 and it seemed so far into the future. How about year 2020? Well it is just about here, less than three and half years away. Like the show The Jetsons, it is now a reality. Today, robots assemble our cars and move Amazon fulfillment center shelves around. Many Customers get irritated when talking to Customer service reps who seem to just be going through the motions, giving us scripted answers, rushing because they are trying to adhere to their allowed time per call. If you think that is bad, just wait –the future is here. Within a few short years, we will be talking to actual robots working in contact centers. Many companies that run outsourced call centers are working towards turning these jobs over to machines. An article that appeared in The Consumerist titled As Expected, Robots Are Taking Over Call Center Jobs, tells how advances in artificial intelligence will mean that call center representatives and chat representatives can be replaced with cheap and reliable workers who don’t need sleep or meal breaks.

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Make no mistake about it; every industry has an Uber coming. And every  business is in danger of being made obsolete as some new business model, with cutting edge technology, enters your industry and market and steals the majority of your market share. Digital disruption is the new buzzword in business, warns in their article Has Your Business Been Ubered?

“We see business model after business model disrupted by the ridiculously fast evolution in mobile tech. New marketplaces are popping up all over the place, and increasingly faster communication keeps connecting buyers and sellers in new ways. Technology has truly punched the accelerator on business transformation in so many industries. But through all of this, one immutable fact remains – the customer is king. Customers today expect immediate answers and instant gratification. You may have a fantastic product or service, but if you don’t put an outstanding customer experience at the center of all your business planning, you will lose. This means the most impactful digital transformation strategy for your business centers around transforming your customers’ experience with your company. In short: Make it easy. Make it awesome.”

Tim Gard is GOAT

The highest rated Secret Service Summit speaker (9.84) of all time is back, 44f06413 7f24 4e6f 84a2 2e53170d16e2, The DiJulius Group which makes Tim Gard our GOAT (Greatest of All Time). Any of more than 500 people that attended the 2014 Secret Service Summit can attest Tim, a Hall of Fame Speaker, is a tears-in-your-eyes funny speaker who teaches people to be more resilient and resourceful when dealing with our crazy lives today.

Move Over Chris Rock, Tim Gard Is The Emcee Of The Summit

Besides being selected by Meeting Planners Magazine as one of the “Best speakers ever seen or heard on the main stage,” Tim also possesses the incredible ability to Emcee an event, where he entertains the audiences as well as ties together the takeaways of each of the amazing speakers you will hear at this years Secret Service Summit September 29th & 30th in Cleveland, Ohio.

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