What Comes First: Good News or Bad News?

Good News Bad NewsWhen you drop the ball at work or in your home life, how do you handle it? Whether you are delivering information to a client, co-worker, Customer, family member or friend, it is important you know how to navigate this conversation.
When someone asks you, “What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?” how do you usually respond?


9efec861 9e55 4c44 Bca9 B229982876c8, The DiJulius GroupIn the book When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, by Daniel Pink, he references several studies that have found 4 out of 5 people “prefer to begin with a loss or negative outcome and ultimately end with a gain or positive outcome, rather than the reverse.” According to Pink, human beings always prefer endings that elevate when given a choice.

Dave Murray, Senior Consultant at The DiJulius Group, uses Pink’s philosophy when he is preparing for a public speaking event. Dave keeps a running list of his Customer feedback in a spreadsheet organized by positive and negative comments. Before his speech, he will first re-read the negative comments, so he can focus on how to make improvements. Then Dave reads the positive feedback, so that he ends his preparation on a high note.

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Whether at work, at school, or in relationships, people make mistakes and have to report the bad news. As an organization, it is important to have recovery systems in place to make all things right when they go wrong, thus making your company Zero Risk to do business with. Zero Risk means that when the ball is dropped, all employees are capable of appropriately handling the situation and making it right with the Customer.

Zero Risk companies implement a response protocol that employees are trained to use when Customer challenges occur. While working on Zero Risk protocol with Alpin Haus, their leadership team created a HEROIC model to handle these difficult situations:

Hear: actively listen and take notes
Empathize and apologize
Restate for clarification
Own it
Innovate with options
Confirm and thank
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In addition to going through the HEROIC model, the staff is trained to ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you today?” By owning the problem or mistake and offering innovative solutions, the Alpin Haus team always ends on a good note!


As seen in the chart below from Customer Thermometer, when we drop the ball or make a mistake, our Customer loyalty decreases. However, notice Customers experiencing service failure with a successful recovery are ultimately MORE LOYAL than those who don’t experience any service failure at all. It should be inspiring to know that the silver lining of making a mistake may be to create a more loyal Customer when a successful recovery plan is in place.


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Do you have the proper recovery plan in place? Whether it is Customers, clients, co-workers, family members or friends, ending with good news provides a lasting positive image of you and your company.


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