120: The Most Likeable Person I Have Ever Met

What’s the secret to building lifelong relationships and turning bad luck into good fortune? Join John as he chats with the incredibly likable Eddie Cheyfitz. Eddie shares his inspiring journey from working in a grocery store to becoming a successful sales executive and eventually founding his nonprofit, Believe in Dreams. Eddie reveals the power of curiosity in building lasting connections and how he used these bonds to rise through the ranks at Nestle and, later, fulfill underprivileged children’s dreams.

Eddie’s determination and strong networking skills paved the way for his successful sales career and helped him and his wife, Kathy, maintain an incredible relationship for over 50 years despite facing the two biggest challenges in a marriage. Listen as Eddie shares his unique approach to building rapport with others using the Ford Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams model and how you can apply it to your own life to forge meaningful connections.

Finally, hear the heartwarming story of how Eddie’s passion for helping others led him to create Believe in Dreams, a nonprofit that has already fulfilled over 600 dreams for underprivileged children. Eddie’s unwavering dedication and willingness to reach out to others have been instrumental in the organization’s success, proving that genuine connections and a little curiosity can go a long way.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • How Eddie Cheyfitz’s journey from grocery store worker to successful sales executive and nonprofit founder demonstrates the power of networking and building strong relationships
  • The use of curiosity and genuine interest in others to create connections, leading to opportunities in his sales career and founding Believe in Dreams
  • The “human bonding definition” is his secret sauce for building strong interpersonal relationships, using the Ford Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams model.
  • Believe in Dreams was founded after Eddie encountered Lacey, an 11-year-old girl in need of a positive experience, inspiring him to help others and give back
  • The growth of Believe in Dreams from eight fulfilled dreams to over 600 through networking, connecting with people, and the support of his team

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