Why Every Business Needs A Customer Service Consulting Firm

Is the goal of your business to be the best experience anybody could have in a day? If so, expert guidance can help you make that happen, again and again. While there are many variables at play across a wide range of industries, the reason every business needs a customer service consulting firm comes down to numerous commonly experienced challenges.

Common Business Challenges and How CX Consulting Resolves Them

Typical issues and their solutions can include:

  • A less-than-objective internal view of your organization. A customer service consultant brings a fresh, holistic perspective from the outside when the focus has become myopic within.
  • A strategy that is too one-size-fits-all. Custom-tailored CX strategy for your business, by an experienced customer consulting firm that has worked with a broad range of clients, can recognize patterns, and knows the best ways to tweak your business plan for reaching your target audience.
  • Unsure about which outside resources to use. Connecting business owners to the best resources for any outsourcing needs; with consulting services, the homework has been done for you.
  • Struggling to remain on track and accountable. A customer experience consultant’s only goal is to help you succeed–they are objective, and unfazed by office politics or in-house opinions.
  • Determining which efforts are missing the mark. Upgrading your business strategy with guidance in building a Return on eXperience dashboard with key performance indicators (KPIs) directly tied to the level of CX delivered by every customer-facing employee and department; measuring key metrics narrows down what is most important for your unique business goals.

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Once foundational issues are resolved, your brand becomes the one people trust, the one they can’t live without, and even the one they are willing to spend a little more for due to the consistent excellence of their customer experience (CX)–making price irrelevant.

Getting and Staying Ahead of Your Competition with the Best CX

Unnamed 36, The DiJulius GroupIt doesn’t matter what industry your company is part of. The fundamental question of leaders of all types of businesses is, or should be: How can what we offer to be superior to the offerings of our competitors? Every one of your customers (and potential customers) has plenty of choices regarding where they spend their precious time and hard-earned money. 

Khoros reports that a whopping 83% of customers cited good customer service as their most important criterion when deciding on a purchase. 

It isn’t hard to connect the dots here.

The people and brands delivering the best CX not only attract the best talent and most loyal employees, but they are also the most successful in attracting and creating loyal customers aka brand evangelists who experience the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Going far beyond general business consultants offering widely used marketing strategies, a customer experience consulting firm will guide you in simplifying, systematizing, and creating accountability for the CX your organization delivers.

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Building a World-Class Customer Experience

To customize solutions for your business, a CX consultant will determine what systems and processes your organization currently has in place and where they need improvement.

Unnamed 37, The DiJulius GroupCustomer experience leaders around the world use The DiJulius Group’s consulting methodology based on The X-Commandments to provide a World-Class Customer Experience. I developed the following framework which is documented in my book “What’s the Secret”:

  1. A strong customer experience action statement provides a clear purpose and clear direction for all employees; what your customers can only get from you.
  2. A world-class internal culture with a clear view of how each employee affects the customer experience; smooth communication between departments, locations, and teams; a silo-free zone with a strong focus on compassion and empathy.
  3. Nonnegotiable experiential standards across the customer experience cycle allow customer-facing employees to provide a consistently engaging experience that outshines the competition.
  4. Secret Service systems that go far beyond the typical great (but expected) standards; systemized Secret Service enables front-line team members to offer Customers a personalized experience by engaging them, then anticipating and delivering on their needs, on a regular basis.
  5. A consistent Customer experience starts with new and existing employees training on the soft skills that give them the knowledge and tools needed for increased service aptitude.
  6. A solid process that evolves ideas on paper to realistic implementation and consistent execution of Customer service initiatives and systems.
  7. Zero risk for your Customer with protocols in place for all employees to make things right and provide great recovery when service defects arise.
  8. An Above and Beyond Culture in which employees have a continual awareness of opportunities where they can deliver heroic service for the Customer.
  9. A scientific method for Customer Experience Measurement: if you can measure your Customer experience and satisfaction, you can manage it; performance benchmarks are provided for each location/department.
  10. World-Class Leadership Training, for developing leaders who inspire passion, foster trust, and support teams within a customer-centric culture, with an internal culture that focuses on attracting, hiring, and retaining only the people capable of upholding the Customer Experience Action Statement–because every world-class customer service organization also offers a world-class employee experience!

Business transformations and the best relationships with clients start here. To effectively execute this framework and customize solutions for your business performance, consider engaging our consulting team or attending The Customer Experience Executive Academy.

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John DiJulius

John R. DiJulius is a best-selling author, consultant, keynote speaker and President of The DiJulius Group, the leading Customer experience consulting firm in the nation. He blogs on Customer experience trends and best practices.