144: How to Use Generative AI to Improve Your CX

Have you ever envisioned a world where artificial intelligence transforms the way we connect with customers?

Shanif Dhanani, the wizard behind Locusive, joins John to offer a glimpse into the future. They dissect the revolutionary integration of generative AI in customer service, a journey through the lifecycle of crafting a robust customer care initiative. Shanif’s insights illuminate the need for cross-departmental collaboration, and we explore AI’s role in propelling businesses forward, ensuring the human touch remains at the core of customer relationships.

Imagine the sheer power of AI in redefining retail strategy and the fear that it could replace those who ignore its potential. Shanif and John navigate the sweeping influence of generative AI across business landscapes, from salons crafting persuasive ad copy to spas managing appointments with sublime precision. AI handling customer inquiries prompts a discussion about embracing technological advancements and preserving the human element in nurturing customer bonds.

Wrapping up the conversation, Shanif and John offer advice for businesses embarking on their AI journeys. From the simplicity of leveraging tools like ChatGPT to the more intricate decision of building in-house or outsourcing AI solutions, Shanif and John outline a path for companies like Locusive to streamline customer success.

This episode isn’t just about AI’s potential; it’s a deep dive into the confluence of technology and humanity in customer service.

Here are just a few takeaways:

  • The power of generative AI in customer service and the steps for successful implementation
  • Generative AI’s role in content creation, efficiency in appointment scheduling, and its potential to revolutionize call centers
  • Some practical uses of AI in businesses
  • The challenges of AI writing tools in fact-checking and why it still needs human verification
  • When companies should build in-house AI solutions or seek external expertise
  • The future of AI in businesses: how AI can assist workers without replacing them and the value of human skills in an automated world
  • Work-life balance and prioritizing personal commitments in scheduling to lead an extraordinary life

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