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Your Company’s Biggest Expense is Unhappy Customers

What is a better investment—advertising or customer service training? One study showed that organizations worldwide spend $500 billion per year on advertising compared to only $9 billion to customer service training. That’s a pretty big disparity. If companies focused on solutions to improve customer service and making their customers happy, their customer retention would go up and they wouldn’t have to advertise as much to replace unhappy customers.

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According to new research by the experience management company Qualtrics, bad customer experiences could cost brands $3.7 trillion annually worldwide. Customers reported that 14% of their experiences were very poor, and more than half (51%) said they have reduced or cut their spending with a company over just one negative experience.

The study revealed that after a bad experience, 64% of consumers are the most likely to stop or decrease spending with fast food restaurants and least likely to cut back their interactions with public utilities. 22% of customers are likely to stop doing business completely with an auto dealer and 6% with supermarkets.

What is the solution? Make sure you are training your employees on soft skills. It needs to be part of your new employee orientation and ongoing existing employee training.

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Frustrated with the inconsistencies of your customer service? Have little or no time to train your new (& existing) employees on the soft skills? We have the answer. The DiJulius Group is introduces “My CX Trainer” – a digital platform designed to revolutionize your team’s approach to customer service. My CX Trainer is an innovative training solution tailored to empower your front-line employees with the skills and insights needed to excel in customer service. The training portal is designed to elevate your team’s customer service skills and can be used by both new and existing employees to provide practical tools for exceptional customer experiences. The first 20 companies that contact receive My CX Trainer free for 90 days.

American Airlines laying off 600+ workers to improve customer service

I guess American Airlines believes less is better when it comes to customer service. American Airlines announced it would be laying off employees to provide new, “elevated” service to customers, USA Today reported. “Today, we announced updates to our contact center organization that will help us better serve our customers. As part of these updates, we are creating a new customer success team that will be dedicated to providing more convenient, elevated support to American Airlines customers with some of their most complex travel needs,” the airline said in a statement to KXAS-TV.

The layoffs are primarily all in the airlines’ customer service-related positions, Bloomberg reported, such as workers that assist passengers with their lost luggage and AAdvantage loyalty program service groups. In hopes to combat this, American will be creating a division called the “customer success team.” They will hire 135 workers for that new team aimed at improving their customer experience.

United’s Flight Attendants are no longer allowed to be on their cell phones

United Airlines wants their flight attendants to be more engaged with passengers, more aware, more attentive. To help them focus more on the passengers, the use of personal cell phones is prohibited for flight attendants.

A recent United Airlines company memo contained reminders to cabin crew that they are required to be seen as attentive to customers. The memo stated, “Use of a personal electronic device and/or accessories is not permitted while customers are on board the aircraft. Customers look to flight attendants for great service. How comfortable would you be asking someone for help if they were engrossed in their cell phone? What impression would that give you? Even in public, you should always remain approachable in uniform and display courtesy to customers and other employees.”


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The Power of Purpose

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