Culture reflects Leadership

Take my building, my equipment, all my money, my land,
but leave me my people and in one year I will be back on top again.

-Andrew Carnegie

Last but most important to being a world-class CX organization – The final commandment to providing a world-class Customer experience is Commandment X World-Class Leadership. Every world-class Customer service organization is world-class to work for. And that takes world-class leadership to provide the passion, inspiration, and discipline to all employees. Being a great leader is about getting the most out of your people and inspiring them every day to see how much potential they have and how important their contributions are overall to the company. While this is the final commandment, it is the most important, having the biggest impact and responsibility for the success of all 10.

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How strong is your culture? On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rank your company’s (or department, or whatever you are in charge of) culture? Is it fantastic (9 or 10)? Or does it have a lot of room for improvement (6 or 7)? Whatever score you gave your culture, understand you have just figured out your rating as a leader. No more information needed! Have you ever heard a song on an elevator or on hold on the telephone, the song may not be one of your favorites or even one you would put on your iPod, however, since you were forced to listen to it, hours later you cannot get that song out of your head? Well, that is how I want the next phrase to impact you. I want it ringing in your head later, haunting you: “Culture reflects Leadership

Culture Reflects Leadership – Do you like your organization’s/department’s culture? Are you proud of it, or is it lacking? Do you wish you could change many of your employees’ attitudes? If you don’t like your culture, look in the mirror, because every time, in every organization, culture reflects leadership. How good your organization’s or department’s culture is, is a direct result of how good you are as a leader. Great leaders create great cultures. You don’t even need to take a survey, do any studies, or even see any turnover reports; a culture is something you feel when you walk into a work environment. There is either a “buzz” about the place, where everyone understands the organization’s purpose and their role in achieving that purpose or you may feel a “fog,” a thickness in the air, a place where people are trading hours for dollars. How strong is your culture? Remember: “Culture reflects Leadership

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