Customer Experience Is Always On Stage

The theme of this year’s Secret Service Summit was Your “Customer Xperience Is Always On Stage.” This has never been truer; the experience your company delivers is on stage 24/7 in numerous ways.

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You must always be aware of how you act when you are dealing with Customers, regardless of what you have going on in your life. Even Snow White has bad days, however she understands she has to leave her personal life at the door and give Disney guests what they came for. This is no different in any of our businesses. This includes not over sharing about work, personal life, slow computers, or blaming co-workers for problems. It also includes avoiding the dreaded RBF syndrome. If you are happy, tell your face. If you are unhappy, lie to your face.  Watch this 1-minute video of Leave It At The Door.

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Employees forget that they are still on stage when they are not directly dealing with Customers, but Customers can still view or hear them. This could be employees or receptionists talking to each other about their personal life, or making negative comments about Customers or their boss, all within earshot of a Customer who may be sitting in the waiting area. This could also be an employee reading their text messages or eating in front of Customers when they are off the clock. It doesn’t matter if the employee is off the clock; the Customer doesn’t know this. All they see is unprofessionalism. Watch this 1-minute video of You Are Still On Stage.

Must Be Present To Win VID3, The DiJulius Group

If you are really present with a Customer, a firecracker could go off nearby and you wouldn’t even realize it. Employees need to understand how unprofessional it is to have personal conversations with co-workers while engaging with a Customer or multitasking while on a call. The greatest gift you can give someone is your undivided attention. Watch this 1-minute video of Must Be Present To Win.

Everyone Is Your Customer VID4, The DiJulius Group

The experience you deliver extends far beyond Customers. It is how you act and treat co-workers, vendors, people you buy from, even strangers in an elevator.

Secret Service is not something you do or deliver; it is something that is in you, in all areas of your life. Watch this 1-minute video of Everyone Is Your Customer.

Everyone Is In The Media

In the past, there were professionals in the media, who reported stories of interest on television, VID5, The DiJulius Groupradio and in newspapers. Today, every single person with access to a smart phone, a camera, and social media is a reporter. Businesses need to make significant changes in the experience they deliver when Customers are sharing their experiences with your company on sites like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Today, every business is one experience away from going viral, i.e. United Airlines. All these stories would have never made the headlines if it wasn’t for smart phones and people catching companies red handed, mistreating Customers and then posting it.  Watch this 1-minute video of Everyone Is In The Media.

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