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Answering the question…. HOW?

The most daunting question when implementing a World Class Customer Service Revolution.How, The DiJulius Group

Most of the time the easiest part of creating an incredible Customer Experience is the workshop and coming up with all the great ideas. But that is just the beginning, maybe 30%. Next you have to create the tools and collateral to be launched with the training. Once you have that done, you are 50% there. The most daunting question creeps into your mind and disrupts the excitement, HOW do we implement this, and how do we keep it alive so it doesn’t lose momentum six, twelve, eighteen months from now?

Size Doesn’t Matter

The size of your organization doesn’t matter. The roadblocks you will come up against are the same. Whether you are a MCRLogo, The DiJulius Groupsolo location, multi-location in a concentrated area, or a national/ global brand; implementation is where everything comes to life.

MCR Health Services is a great example of an organization that took the best practices we had to offer and made it their own, resulting in a flawless implementation of their program. MCR Health Services is a multi-location health organization in the state of Florida. We started on our journey together in May 2017 and have now launched their Service Vision, Always & Nevers, and Non-Negotiable Experiential Standards across the entire organization of 700+ team members spanning across 25+ locations!


MCR Health Services followed these steps, which has resulted in the successful implementation of a World Class Customer Service Revolution.

  1. Curate an Engaged Customer Experience Task Force (Steering Committee) Success, The DiJulius Group
  • World Class Customer Service starts at the top! Without this team and their excitement and commitment to this initiative, success would not be possible.
  • MCR Health Services hand-picked their task force by looking for the those who provided World Class Patient Experiences consistently in each department across the organization. This is a great way to have a cross section of knowledgeable individuals that are all passionate about the Customer Experience and are aligned in revolutionizing this experience.
  1. Plan for Success
  • Studies show that 40% of successful implementation is in the plan! Spend the time that is needed to create and solidify a detailed rollout action plan that includes “by who” and “by when” accountability statements. It’s important to eat the elephant one bite at a time, and this rollout action plan allows you to move forward with purpose and keeps you on track!
  1. Launch with Success & Purpose
  • Now that you have a plan, you need to get the leadership and front line team members excited!! This is a crucial part of implementing your new program; this is when you influence your first few followers who will then go out and create a movement. Invest in the launch of your new Customer Experience program, show your team members that this is important and not going away. Launching in person is always best, however if you can’t bring your organization together you may want to consider a road show where you go to them! If travel is not possible, a series of video conference calls works great too. You can also combine these options!
  1. Support the Leadership Team with Tools
  • Set your leaders up for success and provide them with the tools they need in order to ensure the front-line team members are trained and coached for success. Some tools that help leaders with implementation are: Huddles by Design, Program Focus Evaluations, and How to Coach for Success Training.
  1. Create A Plan for Sustainable Success
  • Implementation has happened, so what’s next? Sustainable success is where we want to be, but it’s hard to achieve. When you are planning for a successful implementation, you will want to also think about how to keep the conversation going. A few great ways to ensure you sustain the momentum you’ve created: share success stories weekly, create a follow up cadence, and be relentless! It takes 90 times to make or break a habit, don’t give up, keep going!

We are so proud to be a part of MCR Health Services Team and the successes they have seen since we embarked on this Katie, The DiJulius Groupjourney! Although it has only been a few weeks since the first launch, MCR Health Services has seen a 50% reduction in patient complaints of rudeness and has seen an increase in patient compliments. By following the above implementation best practices, they have been able to spread the World Class Customer Experience message and all the wonderful tools and standards they have created throughout the entire organization.

“The way we treat our patients has literally changed almost overnight. Katie Mares and The DiJulius Group have given us an easy to follow roadmap and created and solidified a detailed rollout action plan,” says Scott Works, Director, Organizational Development at MCR Health Services. “Once the Service Vision, Pillars and Always/Never list were unveiled at our Revolution Boot Camps, the change began. We are literally getting in dozens of amazing ‘Exceptional Experience’ stories from our patients and employees each and every day. We are thrilled with the results thus far and look forward to rolling out the next phase of our World Class Customer Experience!“

Every organization is different, however the question of, HOW do I make this World Class Customer Service Revolution come to life? will always be top of mind. Follow the road map above and the implementation of your Customer Experience program won’t be as daunting.

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