Domino’s Pizza: Record Customer Satisfaction

Speed of service up, friendly down – RPM Pizza is Domino’s largest franchisee. They operate over 130 locations in three states. In 2011, RPM Pizza made major improvements in its already best-in-class speed of delivery service by improving its percentage of on-time pizza deliveries by 17%. However, according to an independent third-party mystery shopper survey, RPM Pizza ranked last among its major competitors in hospitality. In 2012 RPM Pizza began a journey and relentless commitment to be a world-class hospitality company.

Why pizza? Think about the last time you ordered pizza to be delivered to your home. Why did you do that? It was critically important for their employees to truly understand the “why” piece. Were their Customers hungry? Yes, but they could get food from thousands of places to satisfy their appetite. Why pizza and why Domino’s? This is where RPM’s video titled, “Creating Smiles,” played a major role. To illustrate RPM’s service vision, make it come to life and not just be another company stale quote, RPM’s video needed to show all the benefits of what delivering great pizza in less than 30 minutes really provides to their Customers beyond just filling their bellies. This video showed people being in a rush, with their busy lives, some away from home traveling, others trying to get home from work and get the family fed. In certain instances, trying to please everyone’s tastes, wanting to spend more quality time with each of their loved ones rather than be in the kitchen preparing food.

It didn’t work – Initially the service vision launch was unsuccessful. “After we rolled out the credo card with the service vision, pillars and never & always, I was expecting instant results. Months went by, and there was really no change in our customer metrics. In fact, some of them actually went backwards,” says Glenn Mueller, President and CEO of RPM Pizza. See what Mueller did to turn it around and why their customer satisfaction scores hit all time highs. Domino’s Service Vision Launch.

Breaking satisfaction records – It was vital that every team member understood that they were not just making and delivering food/pizza, but their purpose, (what their Customers truly needed from them) was easy and simple: Domino’s pizza being brought to their door, exactly how they ordered it, promptly, by someone smiling with genuine hospitality. Thus the Customers smiled because their lives were made easier. This ensured every RPM team member clearly knows why their service vision is creating smiles by making lives easier. By 2013, RPM Pizza’s service culture had made a drastic turnaround. Not only was their customer satisfaction score significantly better than the previous year, it hit the highest score in RPM Pizza’s company history.


“If you want to see how a company is doing now, look at their current sales;
if you want to know how a company will perform in the future, look at their current customer satisfaction scores”

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