Employees: Criticized or Ignored

Spirit Airlines dead last in Customer Satisfaction scores – While JetBlue and Southwest Airlines battle it out between who is #1 at satisfying their customers, Spirit Airlines and Time Warner Cable had their own battle for worst, as they ended up tying for the last place in Customer satisfaction. Very few people are surprised at Spirit’s low performance. While they offer low prices, they skimp the most on customer service and have for a long time. One classic example is when Spirit would not refund a Vietnam veteran the pre-booked $197 airfare after he found out he had terminal cancer and couldn’t travel.

Toys ‘R’ Us fights to compete in Experience Wars versus Price Wars – After years of losing ground to on-line rivals and discount chains, Toys “R” Us Inc. plans to revamp its stores to be places where kids come to play. Trying to compete with mega-discounters like Walmart and on-line vendors like Amazon on price, their new strategy is to get kids in the door by creating an experience — not just a place to buy toys. They’re planning a prototype store that will feature large play spaces for kids, and demonstration units for technology for them to experiment. They are also aiming to train employees better, arm them with more product knowledge, and make the stores into something different that general retailers can’t compete against.

New Law Would Ban Companies From Penalizing Customers Who Write Negative Reviews – California has already outlawed these policies; however, Congress is attempting to pass legislation nationwide to ban this form of Customer bullying. The Consumer Review Freedom Act of 2015, would void any contract clause that “imposes a penalty or fee” against a customer who posted negative reviews about a company online, typically through hidden contract terms. It also would help prospective customers avoid unscrupulous businesses by enabling them to learn from the experiences of their fellow consumers. This has become an increasingly popular tactic for poor customer service businesses. See Hotel charges Customers for negative reviews & KlearGear fined negative reviewer

Employees would rather be criticized than totally ignored – According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2013 called “State of the American Workplace,” when our bosses completely ignore us, 40 percent of us actively disengage from our work. If the bosses who criticize on a regular basis, 22 percent of us actively disengage. This means even if we’re getting criticized, we are actually more engaged simply because we feel that at least someone is acknowledging that we exist! And if our bosses recognize just one of our strengths and reward us for doing what we’re good at, only one percent of us actively disengage from the work we’re expected to do. Added to those facts, people who go to work unhappy actually do things, actively or passively, to make those around them unhappy, too.

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