Health & Wellness Has Never Been More Vital Than It Is Today

Health is so much bigger than six-pack abs or eating salad. 

It’s about the whole thing – the quality of your relationships, your work environment, having a strong sense of purpose, and feeling connected. 

It’s about becoming the best version of yourself in all areas of your life.

And especially during this time of the pandemic, health & wellness has never been more vital than it is today!

Here are ways to make sure you’re keeping your health & wellness in check:

  1. Stay positive and focused regardless of what is going on in our world today.

You’re going to go through some ups and downs so you want to be optimistic, not an optimist. If you want something bad enough, figure out a way to do it right now, regardless of the situation you’re in. Figure out opportunities to make things happen. 

  1. Be careful with what you watch on TV. Better yet, turn off the news.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there and there’s so much missing information. Things are being sensationalized and blown up in the media. They want to prolong this and we’re not getting facts. So you have to control your emotions when you’re watching the news because it’s bigger than it is. The bottom line is, it’s not as bad as we thought. Now, when you’re watching the news, the body has this fear response. It feels as if you’re under fire. Your physiology changes and your immune system comes down.

  1. The best way to reduce the risk of getting infected: Boost your immune system!

Even if you think wearing a mask or social distancing, and all those other things they recommend are important, there’s nothing more important than boosting the immune system. But that never even gets talked about. 

Ways to boost your immune system:

  • Eat well.
  • Exercise.
  • Manage your stress levels.
  • Lower your sugar intake.
  • Get Vitamin D.

You can’t avoid the virus because viruses and bacteria will be around forever. But what you have control over is yourself. Anticipate getting exposed to it. Make yourself as healthy as you can because that lowers your risk or you will have fewer complications. 

For more information and resources on coping in the time of COVID-19, check out The Customer Service Revolution podcast. If you’d like to listen, head over to 022: Health & Wellness Has Never Been More Vital Than It Is Today with Dr. Paul Bizjak. 




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