How to Reimagine…Revolutionize Week 1

Week 1 Recap of The 2020 Customer Service Revolution

With over 1,400 leaders from all over the world tuning in, Week 1 was a fantastic kickoff to the 2020 Customer Service Revolution.

The presenters all shared how we need to Reimagine in order to Revolutionize. Here were just a few of the dozens and dozens of key takeaways shared:

John DiJulius – State of Service 2021

  • “We won’t tell our grandkids about Covid, we will tell them what our life was like before Covid because it will never be the same. Going forward we will refer to our lives in two-time frames: BC & AC, Before Covid & After Covid.”
  • The opposite of Reimagine is denial & denial can be tragic to a business…see
  • What Vuja De is and how important it is to reinvent your business now
  • In a time of uncertainty, there are only 3 certainties in life—death, taxes, & customer experience.
  • An economic fallout is always the best advertisement for the competitive advantage outstanding customer service companies have over the rest of their industry.
  • The companies that don’t invest in customer experience are the ones that their leaders don’t understand the financial impact CX can have.

Guy Kawasaki – What I Learned Working for Steve Jobs

  • Customers don’t know what they truly want, we have to give them what they never knew was possible.
  • “Don’t worry, be crappy” – it doesn’t have to be perfect to launch a product. Get it out there and then tweak it.
  • Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence. It is okay to circle back, admit failure and change direction.
  • Less is more – for a product, service, strategy, vision. Be narrow and deep versus wide & shallow.

Jess Pischel – Overcoming Virtual Fatigue

  • The biggest obstacles to virtual working are lack of collaboration, multi-tasking, and personal connections with your co-workers.
  • In order to avoid becoming Zoom Zombies, constantly change your scenery, i.e. moving to a new room at your home, to stimulate yourself and refresh.
  • Take more, shorter breaks.
  • Have zoom team social get togethers that don’t have an agenda, to recreate the Keurig conversations.

Corey McCarthy – The Pivot to Virtual

  • How the live conference model does not translate to the virtual conference model.
  • Break up your conference over days/weeks versus 1-2 full days.
  • The key to successful virtual events is creating engaging virtual community.
  • You must have more interactive exercises than you did in a live event.

Bronkar Lee – Ignite Your Passion for Learning

  • You need to “Improvise with the jazz of life.”
  • The key to moving forward in any crisis is to reframe the challenge as an opportunity.
  • Systemize being grateful to keep your mindset fresh and positive.

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What you can Expect Week 2

Week 2 of the 2020 Customer Service Revolution is guaranteed to bring incredible inspiration & best practices both personally and professionally. The lineup is stacked.

Week 2 Customer Service Revolution, The DiJulius Group

Seth GodinCustomer Service is Free

When organizations do customer service right, it more than pays for itself—but like all assets, doing it cheap and doing it right aren’t the same thing.

Chris LarkinsWhat I Learned from Almost Dying

Throughout that experience and in the years since his survival, Chris has identified profound personal and professional lessons that have influenced the way he approaches adversity in life and in business.

Mikki WilliamsThe Art and Heart of Storytelling

Life and business happen in the narratives, and stories can go where data can’t. People act, buy, and follow when you wrap your vision in a story that sparks the imagination and stirs the soul.

Dave MurrayCreating Your Companies True North

If you want to build a service culture, you need to increase your employees’ service aptitude. The top two ways world-class companies do that is by creating a customer service vision statement and day in the life of a customer.

John DiJuliusGreat Leaders are Born from a Crisis

How a recession is a horrible thing to waste. How this can be your company’s finest hour. The key is to control the narrative for your employees and show them what victory looks like which result in you and your company being the best decision your employees have ever made.


CX Coaching Logo Final, The DiJulius GroupAnnouncing our “CX Coaching” Brand

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