How KeyBank Made a Brilliant Comeback After Frustrating Customers

Several months ago, KeyBank has been focusing on delivering an excellent customer experience, improving their customer satisfaction rate, and minimizing customer churn rates – made changes to the ATM software which allowed clients the freedom to choose their bill denominations. Historically, ATMs only provided twenty-dollar bills, regardless of the amount of the withdrawal. To exceed customer expectations and provide clients with more options, KeyBank upgraded the ability for clients to select from several denominations: $10, $20, or $50.

Unfortunately, the selection screen was neither intuitive nor easy for customers to navigate and the selection process led to unhappy customers and an overall bad experience. The ATM would default to $50 dollar bills if the user didn’t choose otherwise, which frustrated KeyBank’s clients. Through customer feedback, via customer satisfaction surveys, KeyBank recognized this frustration along the customer journey, and using this valuable insight, they immediately took action to improve the software. However, the software installation would take several months to implement, which could lead to fewer positive customer interactions. KeyBank made the decision to send personalized emails to every client who expressed frustration in their feedback. This personalized email let them know they were heard, that the bank was actively working to fix it, and included a gift card to Starbucks.

Not Done Yet

After the software was improved, KeyBank sent a final message to these clients saying, “You Spoke. We Listened – thank you for your feedback! Thanks to you, our ATMs have been improved.”

As a result, KeyBank has seen a dramatic improvement in their ATM client satisfaction scores, and numerous clients thanking them for actually listening to them.

This is a great example of KeyBank being a zero-risk company to do business with by listening to their customers, acknowledging their frustration, and implementing the necessary improvements.

Zero-risk doesn’t mean you never drop the ball, what it does mean is that when you do, you make it right, often creating more loyal customers as a result.

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