How to Create Virtual Energy Thru Weekly Team Rallies

In the new reality, most businesses are realizing they have to offer hybrid, flexible, work-from-home (WFH) models to their employees. Studies show that 60% of women and 52% of men say they would quit if they couldn’t work remotely at least part of the time. While 80% of women and 69% of men say remote work options are a top consideration of a new job.

Having said that, there are several negative side effects resulting from WFH. Employees feel emotionally neglected and professionally isolated, as well as a lack of energy, collaboration, and a sense of work community. An amazing best practice we have found that really addresses those potential issues is what we like to call “The Weekly Team Rally” which are held once a week, on zoom, and lasts about an hour. We recommend small teams no larger than 12 employees.


Weekly Team Rally, The DiJulius Group

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Let me clarify a few of the not-so-obvious items are on the agenda.

#6 Discuss one thing from our Credo Card (see below): we focus on one item—it could be our Customer Service Vision statement, one of the three pillars, or a never and always and give examples of how we execute it in our daily interactions with our clients.

Picture1, The DiJulius Group

Screen Shot 2021 10 18 At 9.53.25 PM, The DiJulius Group #7 Employee FORD (Family, Occupation, Recreation, & Dreams) Trivia: we share FORD and guess which employee we are talking about.

#8 “Give More” shout outs: every employee on the virtual meeting must recognize one employee, also on the meeting, for giving more in their job, going above & beyond for them or the company.

#9 At Your Service: we find out who needs any help, advice, or expertise on something they are working on. We don’t discuss or help during the Team Rally, we just coordinate who can help and they take it offline.

#10 Parking Lot: something someone needs to discuss, share, or ask the rest of the team.

Screen Shot 2021 10 18 At 9.59.35 PM, The DiJulius Group#11 Big Talk questions: a game we play asking each employee one deep question that results in a thoughtful answer which gives insight about the employee to the rest of the team.

Whether your team is working virtually or in-person, The Weekly Team Rally is a fantastic exercise to:

  • build stronger emotional connections with co-workers and their leaders
  • help humanize each person
  • bring more energy, collaboration, and a sense of work community
  • tie the employees’ role directly to the company’s sense of purpose

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