How To Increase Morale And Collaboration Virtually

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How To Increase Morale And Collaboration Virtually
By Jess Pischel, CX Consultant

Now more than ever it seems we are craving communication and connection. Go figure, once the government tells us we have to stay home and isolate ourselves from public interactions we want nothing more than to engage with others and get out of our homes.

There is a difference between social distancing and social isolation

Despite the potential decrease in collaboration due to the current circumstances, we must make an effort to continue to build a culture that creates emotional connections with your employees and continues teamwork and collaboration.

I have created an acronym to help you and your team members be better at working from H.O.M.E. See what I did there?

  1. Have a Routine
    Before quarantine life, you likely had a routine. Morning workout, breakfast, shower, commute to the office, etc. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your routine. Get dressed and ready as if you were going to the office. It allows your mind to prepare itself for the workday, even if your morning commute is just down the hall and to the left.
  1. Overcommunicate the “Obvious”
    Sidebar conversations in the kitchen or at the water cooler are no longer the norm, so it is important to overcommunicate what some may consider to be the “obvious”. Conversations that used to happen in passing from meeting to meeting are no longer available. There are different communication methods that we should lean on in this abnormal time, such as: text messages, phone calls, emails, and chat windows. Don’t underestimate the power of picking up the phone and calling a colleague!

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  1. Make Sure to Take Breaks
    Allow time throughout the day that is dedicated to rejuvenating the mind. Taking breaks replenishes your mental resources and helps you become more creative and productive. Take 10 minutes to step outside and walk around the block to get fresh air!CoffeeZoomShot, The DiJulius Group
  1. Engage with your Team
    The DiJulius Group has implemented “Coffee Zooms” to encourage engagement between our team members. Coffee Zooms are scheduled for 15 minutes onMonday, Wednesday and Friday. It is an opportunity for us to update each other on what we are working on, what we need help with, and the current state of client feedback. I must admit, the first Coffee Zoom lasted longer than 15 minutes because we had to get comfortable with our new environments and what it should look and feel like. It was great getting to see everyone’s faces and feel like a team again!

2.     Article You Need To Read  

My friend Mike Rayburn, who will be emceeing the 2020 Customer Service Revolution, wrote an excellent blog titled The Corona Virus: What If There’s Something Good About It? Rayburn shares how this crisis can be a valuable time for all of us if we use it as such.

 3.     Short Video You Need To Watch & Share With Your Team

If you know me then you know one of my favorite actors is Matthew McConaughey (many would say a man crush). More than his acting, I like the person he is and the character he has. I love this 90 second video he recently posted about how now more than ever we need to stick together and show our humanity.

4.     Quote Of The Week

“Whether it is nature, fate or God, someone and something is telling us that we are way out of balance, and we need to get back to what is most important, human interaction. We all have been given an incredible gift personally & professionally. I hope everyone is recognizing it and taking full advantage.”

—John R. DiJulius III

5.     My Gift To You

To show our appreciation for your loyalty, I am offering a complimentary webinar for your leadership team this Friday, March 27th, at 12pm Eastern. “How to Lead in a Crisis” will cover how to best lead, unite, and be the calming voice of reason to your entire organization. This will help rally them together and provide them the confidence they need and are desperately seeking right now.

The webinar will be focused on four key parts:
1. Being a Great Leader
2. Your Customer Experience is on Center Stage
3. Your Employee Experience is on Center Stage
4. A Recession is a Horrible thing to waste


The first 100 to register will be part of the webinar live and have a chance to be a part of a special Q&A session at the conclusion. If that time doesn’t work for you or the webinar is filled, we will be posting a link afterwards on our LinkedIn page so you can watch, listen and share with your leadership teams. Spots are limited, so register today and don’t miss your chance to be a part of the live event!

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About The Author

Jess Pischel

As a former Customer Experience Consultant with The DiJulius Group, Jess  leads clients in generating ideas, turning those ideas into systems, and then implementing and executing them enterprise wide.