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What started off in 2009 as a small conference about Customer Experience has grown into America’s #1 Customer Service Conference. The Secret Service Summit draws executives from best-in-class organizations worldwide, and 2018 will be our 10th annual.

While the term Secret Service has a strong place in The DiJulius Group’s legacy, the majority of people outside TDG’s community don’t understand the concept of Secret Service or how it relates to a Customer Service conference. After much thought, we have decided to re-brand the Secret Service Summit.

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The DiJulius Group is proud to announce the new name for the Secret Service Summit is the Customer Service Revolution! The new name is ideal because of its significance to The DiJulius Group’s history. The Customer Service Revolution is the title of John’s best selling book and part of TDG’s purpose statement: “Changing the world by creating a Customer Service Revolution.” The new name more clearly represents what the conference is about.

We take the term Customer Service Revolution very seriously and have created a definition of what it means:

A radical overthrow of conventional business mentality designed
to transform what employees and Customers experience. 
This shift produces a culture that permeates into 
people’s personal lives, at home and in the community, 
which in turn provides the business with higher sales, morale, 
and brand loyalty, thus makes price irrelevant.


Welcome to the Revolution. Now we would like to announce the incredible lineup for the  2018 Customer Service Revolution on October 24-25 in Cleveland, Ohio. We are pretty confident this is the best group of presenters we have ever had!

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