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World-class service companies have what I refer to as a “Customer bill of rights.” These are guidelines that every person in that organization clearly knows and follows 100 percent of the time. Would you ever expect a Ritz-Carlton employee, when asked for directions to the ballroom, to give a response like, “I don’t know, I work in housekeeping?” Highly unlikely!


If an employee is going to wear your uniform or name tag or represent your brand, you only need a small set of Never & Always (six to ten actions/standards) for them to live by. It is of critical importance that if a situation occurs, you have confidence your employees recognize and understand your “never” and “always,” and confidence that they would “never” do this and “always” do that instead.


Disney's Mary Poppins


Business Insider recently ran an article titled 12 bizarre rules Disney employees must follow. I find it funny that the author found world-class standards to be bizarre. Many of these should sound familiar since they have been part of The DiJulius Group’s recommended Never & Always. Here are some excellent examples:
Always Be On Stage
All Disney employees are called Cast Members. The idea is that the entire Disney park itself is a “stage” and all cast members are to stay in character at all times.


Always Use First Names
Walt Disney himself preferred to be called “Walt,” not Mr. Disney. All cast members are only known by their first names. Their nametags only have their first names on them.


Never Point
Cast Members are not allowed to point with one finger, instead they use two fingers or preferably open hand.
You See it, You Own It
If a Cast Member sees a piece of trash on the ground, he or she must pick it up, the Disney way. They have to collect the trash with a graceful “swoop-and-scoop” motion instead of just bending over or squatting down.
Never Say I Don’t Know
A cast member cannot say, “I don’t know.” The proper response is, “I would be happy to find out for you.”
Never Post About Your Job
Disney Cast Members are never allowed to post about their jobs, reveal what character(s) they are playing, or take any pictures backstage.


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