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What if you posted all your Customer Reviews on your website?
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What if you had your Customers review all your Lawyers, Account Executives, or the products you sell and then you posted them on your website? I am not talking about raving fan testimonials. All of your Customer reviews, allowing Customers and potential Customers to see who your highest and lowest rated service providers or products are. Customers could see things like, “Jeremy was extremely slow to respond to my calls and emails.”

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As Richard Brandt pointed out in his book about Amazon, titled One Click,

‘The Internet offers two-way communications”, and no one realized that

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better than Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Amazon realized they could get their Customer to do some of the editorial work themselves, while indulging their passion for books and their desire to share their feedback. This feedback from Customers was originally controversial. They were allowed to write bad reviews of books, and competitors couldn’t understand why a bookseller would allow such a thing.

It was all part of Bezos’ vision “to create the world’s most consumer-centric company.” Within a few weeks after starting the Customer review process, Bezos said, “I started receiving letters from well-meaning folks saying that perhaps you don’t understand your business. You make money when you sell things. Why are you allowing negative reviews on your Web site? But our point of view is we will sell more if we help people make purchasing decisions.”

Do you think your company’s Customer’s Experience would improve if you were brave enough to post all your Customer reviews
about your employees and products?

Uber has their drivers review customers

Did you know that you have a rating as an Uber Customer? That is right. Every time you use Uber, you rate your driver. At the same time, Uber drivers are rating you. You can look up your own Customer rating in your Uber app. This is genius. Uber will stop picking up a Customer that falls under a certain score. No one wants to be black listed from Uber. Besides that, it has made me be nicer to my Uber drivers because I want the higher Customer Score. 2d1de600 Ec72 4154 Bec0 C67b340efdb4, The DiJulius Group

Anytime Fitness named #1 Top Global Franchise 

For the 2nd year in a row, Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest and fastest-growing co-ed fitness club chain, has been ranked No. 1 on Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Top Global Franchise list.

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Do you have the The Trust Edge?

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The Trust Edge, a national bestselling book, unveils how trust has the ability to accelerate or destroy any business, organization, or relationship. The lower the trust, the more time everything takes, the more everything costs, and the lower the loyalty of everyone involved. Author David Horsager shares how top leaders gain faster results, deeper relationships, and a stronger bottom line.

Dave Horsager Keynoting at 2016 Secret Service Summit

Dave Horsager has worked with 256eef78 Ed43 401c 9a5c 07006368f3d8, The DiJulius Groupeveryone from the New York Yankees and FedEx to the US Congress…ON TRUST! Horsager is a business strategist, keynote speaker and author of the National Bestseller, The Trust Edge: How Top Leaders Gain Faster Results, Deeper Relationships, and a Stronger Bottom Line. His work has been featured in prominent publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal. David has delivered life-changing presentations on five continents, with audiences ranging from Wells Fargo and the New York Yankees to Goodyear and the Department of Homeland Security.

The DiJulius Group is thrilled to share that Dave Horsager is keynoting at the Secret Service Summit, September 29th & 30th, in Cleveland, Ohio.

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The Customer Service Revolution – The Perfect Gift for All Your Team 

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Get your team on board! On his 3rd best-seller, John DiJulius illustrates ways to teach every member of your organization to have empathy and compassion for their Customers, internally and externally, which builds relationships, creates emotional connection and fosters brand loyalty.

In today’s world, it is all about rapid transactions versus genuine interactions. John DiJulius illustrates ways to teach every member of your organization to have empathy and compassion for their Customers, internally and externally, which builds relationships, creates emotional connection and fosters brand loyalty.

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