People with the Strongest Relationships are the Most Happy

6 Quick Tips to Help you Make Price Irrelevant

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People with the Strongest Relationships are the Most Happy

When you have the ability to make an instant connection, get people to instantly like you, make them feel comfortable, and fully develop relationships of all kinds, you are likely to have more fulfillment and success. I cannot think of anything that will give you a bigger advantage in all aspects of your life—that includes higher self-esteem, a larger network, greater support system, and more resources. Your personal and professional life will be filled with an abundance of people who think highly of you, love you, and have your back.

People who have key relationships and positive influences in their life are usually less stressed because they have someone they can talk to, vent to, and confide in when life gets tough. And it is just as rewarding to be a positive influence for others—to have others rely on you.

Lives can be changed for the better because the right friendships can make a difference in someone’s life at a critical point. In an interview with Tom Bilyeu on his series Impact Theory, author Simon Sinek said, “Those relationships that we foster over the course of a lifetime . . . will oftentimes save your life. They will save you from depression. They will save you from giving up, they will save you from negative feelings about your capabilities, your own future, when someone just says I love you and I will follow you no matter what.”

People with strong relationships have a greater potential for more professional success, are less impacted by corporate politics, laugh more, and experience less depression. Research has shown that social engagement and meaningful relationships are associated with living a longer life and improving your overall health. The flip side is also true: Julianne Holt-Lunstad, the lead author of a study that reviewed and analyzed research in this area, noted, “A lack of social relation- ships was equivalent to smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.”

Studies have repeatedly shown that the happiest people are the ones with the most meaningful relationships. Yet it seems to have become increasingly difficult to maintain these relationships. Too often we are guilty of treating the people we come in contact with as part of a transaction or as a private audience for us. We miss out on an opportunity to make a deeper connection that can potentially enrich both lives.

Think about your best friend or your significant other; both were strangers at one time. How different your life would be if they had remained strangers. Thank goodness you found a way to develop a rapport that turned an initial contact into a lifelong relationship.
But something is happening in our society. Research shows that over the past several decades our inner circle—the people we trust the most—is much smaller than in the past. Today the average American trusts only 10 to 20 people.

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2. Short Video You Need to Watch & Share With Your Leadership Team

How to be the Brand EMPLOYEES can’t live without

3. Article You Need to Read

Are you suffering from busyness delusion or the mistaken belief that you are busier than you really are? Celeste Headless talks about exactly this in her article “Feel overwhelmed and stressed? It’s time for you to track your time”. She gives great tips on how to get a better handle on the way you are currently using your time and how to be more efficient.

4. Quote of The Week

“The companies that don’t invest in customer experience are the ones that their leaders don’t understand the financial impact CX can have.”

5. Why is an investment in Customer Service necessary?

  • On average, 52% of Customers will buy more and pay more because of good Customer experience
  • 85% of Customers are willing to pay up to 25% more to ensure superior service
  • Every $1 invested in Customer Service yields a $3 return
  • A Customer Service leader will outgrow revenues of laggards in their industry by double and even triple digit percentages
  • Customer Service training increases employee motivation and engagement

Adversely, research has shown not investing in your Customer experience will destroy the financial results of a company.

  • More than 50% will stop buying from you if they have a bad experience
  • If your company is not focusing on an improved experience already, the gap between you and your competitor who has, will increase and compound daily
  • Unhappy Customers cost businesses a lot of money from support and returns, to word of mouth on social media
  • 82% of people have stopped doing business with a company due to bad customer service
  • 85% of customers who have a bad experience want to warn others from doing business with that company

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If you want to make price irrelevant and become the brand your customers cannot live without, schedule a complimentary call with one of our advisors today. We love to talk service and would be happy to make customized recommendations based on your current needs and resources.

At The DiJulius Group. we also strive to deliver the best experience to our clients. This means we limit the number of clients our teams work with simultaneously; ensuring you receive the expertise, attention and resources you deserve. The result of this is, that on occasion, as a new inquiry you may not be able to schedule a consulting project in immediate fashion. You may be asked to hold your project for the best team we have aligned, for your needs, to become available.

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