You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

You have probably heard that quote hundreds of times. I know I have repeated it hundreds of times. To my three boys, a new employee orientation, and any young person that asks me for advice.

The point of this quote is each of us is the one responsible for who we allow in our circle of friends. We must audit the people around us. Make sure that we are spending time with people who make us better, inspire us, encourage us, in all areas of our lives.

Has it hit you yet, the ah-ha moment? My leadership epiphany is the employees that work in our organizations, do not get to choose who they work with, who they spend more time with than their family and friends. As leaders, we choose it for them.

Then we complain that we have good employees whose morale has gone down, who are not performing like they once were; we have good employees quitting our company. Then we blame it on the great resignation, the younger generation’s lack of work ethic, and that all they care about is money. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Great employees hate working with lousy employees. When leaders compromise who they hire and compromise who they allow stay, you are polluting your workplace culture. Every leader is responsible for the average of the 5 co-workers your employees spend the most time with. Audit that.

I disagree with the way this old adage is worded, “Employees don’t quit companies they quit leaders.” While that is true, it is incomplete. The correct way to say it is, “Employees don’t quit companies, they quit people.” Employees quit because of the people they work with (co-workers) and for (leaders).

You can’t hire your way out of a bad culture.

The 2 Biggest Mistake Companies are Making Right Now

  • Hiring to fill vacant positions with just anyone
  • Keeping poor performers

Too many companies are trying to solve this staff shortage issue by hiring people as fast as they can just to fill positions and keeping employees with bad attitudes. Both are huge mistakes. “A” players hate working with “B & C” players. Unengaged employees are like squatters taking up space and sucking the energy out of your organization.

The #1 priority for businesses today needs to be focusing on keeping their top talent by improving their internal culture. Stop trying to find great employees, instead focus on becoming the type of business great employees find.

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Episode 71 of the CSRevolution Podcast: How to Build a Culture Employees Will Love 

Experience Stat of the Week

64% percent of US workers say that the employee experience impacts their ability to serve customers. Yet, only 38% say that their organization places a great deal of importance on employee experience, according to a recent survey by Eagle Hill Consulting.

Quote of the Week

The primary duty of leaders is to care for their people. They must inspire teams to embrace a customer purpose, and enable their success by allocating sufficient time, education, and resources to accomplish this mission. Leaders must role model, practice, preach, and teach values that systematically reinforce a loving culture through symbols, words, and deeds.”

–Fred Reicheld

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