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Subliminal negative experiences – Signage and language have the highest occurrences of negative cues. Unnecessary warnings and threats of punishment for violation of company policy are everywhere. I recently visited my doctor’s office and this sign reading, “No Soliciting” was on their front door. In addition, they proceed to list all the possible industries that might be calling on them. “This means we don’t want roofing, siding, cleaning services, …” Totally unnecessary because, # 1, businesses have too many signs up as it is; and # 2, your Customers should never have any negative experiences, even subliminal experiences. Anything that isn’t warm and welcoming about your business shouldn’t greet them.

Nicest rejection ever – Now I know businesses get sick of people walking in and soliciting; however, there are always better ways to say it. I always say, I want people to walk into my business for any reason, because if we are super friendly, it can only increase their positive awareness of our business for future consideration. Think about it: How many doors do they get slammed in their face per day? We want to be the nicest “No, thank you” they have ever received. For more negative cues see past eService Everything Speaks

Always, Always on stage – Show this video to your employees. While I am sure your employees have much better sense, they need to understand that today, with video cameras on everyone’s phones and social media, your employees need to know they are always on stage. Discuss what things they could do when they are not aware they are being watched.

The Rory Vaden Show – Best selling author and keynote speaker Rory Vaden recently interviewed me on his weekly radio show about the power of Secret Service Systems. By the way, Rory was one of our top rated keynote speakers at last year’s Secret Service Summit. You can listen here to The Rory Vaden Show.

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