Restaurants banning cell phones

Walking the Talk – This past March (2013) The DiJulius Group held a Secret Service Certification class, where we had over 30 attendees for this two-day advance Customer service Train the Trainer. During the class, unknown to nearly everyone, including myself, one of the attendees, a sweet woman from Connecticut, stepped out of the room because she wasn’t feeling well. Next thing we hear is that she has been admitted in the Cleveland Clinic Hospital, where she apparently had a minor stroke. She spent four days in the hospital. Thankfully today she is doing incredibly well and on the road to a full recovery; however, I want to share a letter she sent to me about two weeks after she got back to Connecticut. I feel so proud of the amazing team we have here at The DiJulius Group. It is one thing to talk about it; it is another thing to live it.


I am sending this email to let you know how much I appreciate what David and Nicole did for me while I was in Cleveland. As you know, my visit there turned into a hospital stay.

I was at the second day of the certification class and started to feel very strange. I did not know what was happening, but I knew I needed to get to the hospital. I left the classroom and went out into the lobby and asked David to take me. He never asked any questions as to why, he just jumped into action. From that point on, he took such good care of me, and I am not someone that he knew outside of the business.

Once I realized that it was very serious and that I would be staying in the hospital, I let him know and from the time that I went up to my room, he almost never left my side. He knew that I was all-alone in Cleveland, and he knew that I was very scared. He even made sure that he kept in contact with my sister in Connecticut, giving her the status of my care. At one point in my stay, I had to have an incision in my scalp due to a cyst that had developed. He immediately rushed to my side and held my hand.

Nicole was also there for me. She came to visit and sit with me, brought me some fabulous hair products, got me earrings so I could feel like a human being and went to pick up my prescriptions, not once but twice, so I would not be without the medication I needed. I was scheduled to be discharged on Friday and fly home. My flight was cancelled so she quickly found a hotel for me and took me and made sure I was settled in my room. David and Nicole are still checking up on me today.

I now know that God puts people in your path for a reason, and that David and Nicole are my guardian angels and lifelong friends. Even if I don’t come back for the rest of my class, I will be back to see all of you.

Thank you so much for everything.


Congratulations – David and Nicole, you exemplify world-class personally and professionally!

Restaurants banning cell phones – A popular debate among restaurateurs is the practice of banning cell phone usage. Proponents of this practice argue that cell phone conversations are distracting and annoying to the nearby Customers, and these establishments say they want to stop people from being connected from one another and bring back the good old days where family and friends actually looked at each other and had real face-to-face conversations. I want to know your opinion on this topic, good or bad idea? Leave me a comment.

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The most selfless acts are the most rewarding

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