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The Party Bus – A few weeks ago I wrote a very popular eService about a shuttle bus driver named Helen Humphrey, who works at Nemacolin Resort and provides an incredibly entertaining three- minute bus ride for her passengers (read entire eService about Disco Helen). Nemacolin was nice enough to share a 57 second video interview with Helen so you can see why she is so legendary. Check this video out.

The Memorable Experience Challenge – You need to show everyone in your organization both the eService about Helen and video interview of Helen and ask them this: “If a shuttle bus driver can find a way to provide such a uniquely memorable experience, how can each of us do the same when we interact with our Customers?”

Periodic acknowledgement- I was recently checking in at the Trump Towers Hotel in downtown Chicago and experienced something so simple yet extremely effective in assuring waiting Customers of their importance. I was standing in line waiting to check in for my room, and about a minute into my wait, the front-desk receptionist, who was checking in the guest in front of me, said, “I will be right with you sir.” I smiled and didn’t think anything of it and shortly there after I was being checked in. About a minute into her checking me in, she acknowledged the person standing behind me by saying, “I will be right with you ma’am.” It was something so small, but I loved it. This simple, periodic touch told the next guest that I am aware of you and will be right with you, without making me feel as if she was hurrying with me.

The ‘Secret’ Speaker is … We have several surprises at this year’s Secret Service Summit that will unfold throughout the event and are guaranteed to make it the most memorable summit we have ever produced. However, we have to share the identity of one of our surprise presenters for this year– international speaker and author Reon Schutte! While a member of the elite Special Forces, Reon was captured on a mission in 1990 and spent nearly 13 years as a prisoner of war in Zimbabwe’s infamously brutal Chikurubi prison. There he came to understand universal truths that allowed him to be free, even while imprisoned.

Set Yourself Free – DO NOT MISS Reon Schutte’s keynote at this year’s Secret Service Summit. It will be a presentation that will leave a lifelong impact!


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