Take the CSAT Survey and Find Out What Level of CX Your Company Is

When it comes to Customer service, do you know the rating for your company, location or department? The DiJulius Group has created an incredibly powerful tool called the Company Service Aptitude Test (CSAT).

The CSAT not only pinpoints the Service Aptitude Level of your organization. It lets management know where the strengths and opportunities are. These are very useful in getting to the next level.

The CSAT is based on the X-Commandments to providing a World-Class Customer Experience from the groundbreaking book What’s the Secret? These are the 10 principles shared by every great Customer service organization.

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The 5 Levels of Customer Service

The quality of customer service can be rated with a scale of 1-5.

Level 1 – Unacceptable

This is the lowest rating which means that the quality of service is terrible. It is simply unacceptable because customers are extremely unhappy.

This means that minimum expectations are not met. Bad word-of-mouth may even be expected.

Level 2 – Below Average

This is a low rating. Improvement is needed to be on the reach the minimum level of satisfactory. Since customers are not satisfied, it is highly likely for them not to come back.

Level 3 – Average

Average means that the level of satisfaction is good enough. Your customers may think that there is nothing special. They are neutral.

Customers may come back to you, but they will most likely look for better options. When they find a better experience, they may not come back.

Level 4 – Above Average

Your customer thinks that your business is competitive with others. They are likely to become repeat customers.

Customers may still look for better service, but they will remember your business.

Level 5 – World Class

This means that your business provides great value. Customers may even see you as the standard of excellence. This level may also mean that you exceed customer expectations.

Your customers will become loyal to you. They will be your advocates. They are most likely to spread positive feedback to their friend and family or on social media.

Individual departments of a company may take the CSAT. Each may take their respective scores. It will take approximately 15 minutes to answer all the questions.

If you are taking it to determine the level of Customer service delivered by your company, there are two approaches you can take:

  1. Look at your entire organization’s Customer service as a whole
  2. Or look at the Customer service of each individual department (i.e. sales, technical support, call center) or location.

If you choose to take it by department or location, you will obviously have to take it once for each department or location you have. This allows you to determine what departments, managers and front-line employees are stronger and weaker. Compute for the average to find the overall company score.

Customized Group CSAT 

The DiJulius Group can compile and group the results for your entire organization or business unit. You can have every manager and senior executive take this test. Next, compare the results and individual answers to each question.

You will be shocked at how they differ.

For example, some leaders will give the highest rating (Extremely Accurate). Others will give the lowest rating (Extremely Inaccurate) for the identical question.

It is important to uncover the reason why. Obviously someone, or maybe many people, have the wrong assumption that needs to be addressed. See sample report on one question below:

Shocking varying results

In the example above, out of 20 managers who took this CSAT survey for the same company, 3 managers (or 15%) answered “Extremely Accurate” for these questions, while 4 managers (or 20%) answered “Extremely Inaccurate”.

Those are the complete opposite answers for the same question and for the same company. When you go over this report with your management team, you not only uncover which parts of your organization’s Customer service need to be addressed, you uncover inconsistencies of management thinking.

This unique reporting service comes with a one-on-one consultation with one of our world-class consultants to go over the immediate opportunities that might surface.

Takeaways from CSAT

Prioritize customer satisfaction. It should be a high priority in any business. There are different advantages in taking the CSAT.

Customer Satisfaction Goals

Now that you can assess each department and your company as a whole, it is easier to set customer satisfaction metrics. The CSAT scores will show areas of strength and improvement. It can also conveniently capture how your customers feel.

Customer Lifecycle

The customer lifecycle is a series of stages that include reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and lastly, loyalty. It is not to be confused with customer journey.

CSAT can be done after each lifecycle stage. It can help you fine-tune each event to improve the overall customer lifecycle.

Customer Retention

If your customers are not satisfied with your product or service, you will lose them. It is also possible to have the best offers, yet you have a poor quality of customer service.

Your customer base will be reduced, and sales will drop. As a business, we don’t want that to happen.

Customer retention is about having a great relationship with your customers. The goal is to create brand loyalty.

Customer Experience

Modern technology has made communication with customers easier through various platforms such as social media. Customer Experience is about how a customer feels with each point of interaction with your business.

Customer Experience is a critical metric. Each step in the customer journey should provide customer satisfaction. CSAT measures satisfaction in every step.

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