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The C in Customer – I was recently reading At Your Service by Frank Eliason and came across the part where he discusses the importance of capitalizing the letter “C” in Customer. Eliason explains how every word you communicate is important. Words, and the way that they are presented, tend to play an important role in setting a tone. So he started to capitalize Customer to demonstrate their significance in the success of the organization. I love this concept. It shows fanatical attention being placed on the Customer. I agree and think any organization that wants to deliver world-class Customer service needs to have that kind of attention to detail. Anywhere in your terminology, manuals, online, advertising, social media, etc. you should capitalize “Customer.”

Sales Guy – A title is important and it informs the Customer of what your intention is, either to benefit them or yourself. What do you think when you hear the titles, Sales / Salesman, VP of Sales, Sales Associate, or the sales department? Negative connotation, hidden agenda? I personally think of a person or group that is out to sell me, out to make a commission. I am still in shock today that so many companies and service professionals still use the word “sales” in their titles. Even the title, Business Development, puts the emphasis more on the company’s goals than what is in the best interest of the Customers. I prefer Account Executive, Service Specialist, Product Consultant, or Service Advisor. I recently had someone sending me a quote, via email, for some insurance, and underneath his name was the title “Sales Guy.” That really didn’t make me want to do business with him.

TDG disappoints high profile blogger – Recently I received an email from someone who was disappointed with The DiJulius Group’s website. This person informed me that he came to our site wanting to purchase both of my books; however, he was unable because our site does not cater to overseas Customers (shipping) and we don’t offer a digital download option. I handled it the way I always handle situations where we inconvenience any Customer. The real lesson however, is in today’s world of social media; you never know whom you are dealing with and their level of influence. Raz Chorev happens to be a sought-after Business Advisor, Social Media and Social Business advocate. I didn’t find this out until after he wrote a blog about his experience with The DiJulius Group. Check it out

World-Class Starts Here – The Shoe Company, based out of Toronto, has more than 135 locations throughout Canada. In November 2010, their management team attended their first Secret Service Summit, and as a result they started a Customer service revolution. Here are just some of the things they have implemented;


2. Service Vision & Pillars

3. F.O.R.D. Cards – Each new associate fills out a FORD card telling us about themselves. This also goes in the staff mailbox. New associates are given time to read the rest of the team’s cards and existing associates are encouraged to find out the details for each new associate.

4. Staff Mailboxes – This is where they display the World-Class Service (WCS) Commitment cards & FORD cards. This is also where associates keep their medals (“in store” money) that they earn for providing WCS and going Above & Beyond.

5. WCS Commitment Cards – After learning about the company’s service expectations, new associates must write down their service commitment, attach their picture to it, and it goes at the front of their staff mailbox for everyone to see daily.

6. WCS Notepads – Used for peer-to-peer or management to subordinate recognition.

7. WCS Medal – This red WCS medal is used in conjunction with the notepad as a reward to accompany the thank you note.

8. Silver Stiletto Award – Awarded to any Head Office member who receives a service compliment via phone or email to the office from an associate at store level.

9. New associates welcome board – For new members to the Head Office team, this helps existing office staff identify new employees, the department where they are assigned, and where they worked before.

10. WCS Phone & Email Etiquette – All Head-Office associates are educated in the etiquette expectations that are clear and consistent throughout the organization.

11. Walk a Mile in My Shoes Video – All new associates watch “A Day in the Life of a Customer” video on their first day of work.


When advertising hype sets the bar too high, you can only disappoint

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