Credit Card Scams

Credit Card Scams – We have all heard about various credit card scams, but have you ever heard of it being done by the credit card company? In coming weeks, several major credit card companies have to return a combined $425 million to consumers, primarily for misleading sales tactics. Another large credit company was already ordered to pay $410 million to costumers who got stuck with excessive debit card fees. The violations “occurred at every stage of the consumer experience, from shopping for cards, to applying for cards, to paying charges and to paying off debt,” said the Consumer Bureau. “Customers were pressured or misled into buying credit card products they didn’t understand, didn’t want, or in some cases, couldn’t even use.” One credit card company’s call centers targeted consumers with low credit scores. When those customers called to activate their credit cards, salespeople misled them about the cost, eligibility and benefits of various products, such as job-loss “payment protection” or credit score monitoring.

The Scam Continues – If that isn’t bad enough, how about how they are refunding the money? The checks are being disguised at junk mail and expire if they are not cashed. For instance, one bank’s refund check comes as a small, white fold-over card with a bar code on the front. The return address name is likely unfamiliar: i.e. “Rust Consulting Inc.”

Total BS! And they become void in 180 days. This is total crap! I cannot believe the government is allowing these institutions to handle this fraud with more fraud! By disguising it as junk mail, there is a good percentage that will throw them away and because they expire, and the bank will get to keep the funds. Read it for yourself. Credit card firms begin to refund payments.

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