The Customer eXperience Executive Academy

Wanted: Chief Customer Officer – The fastest growing C-level position popping up in the corporate world is CCO- Chief Customer Officer, also known as the CXO- Chief eXperience Officer (see past eService Who is losing sleep at night over the Customer). With the old paradigm, the Customer service duties were left on the plate of the director of training, HR, or the chief marketing officer. Regardless of your company’s size, someone in your organization has to be in charge of the Customer eXperience and all that goes with it. I am not talking about the head of the Customer service department-that is, call centers. I am talking about someone who oversees the entire company’s Customer service, every department. That someone should not be the president, CEO, or owner, but someone who reports directly to them. Companies have heads of operations, marketing, accounting, sales, and human resources, but our second biggest asset (other than our employees) is our Customer. Their happiness is determined by the Customer eXperience we deliver. Until recently, the vast majority of companies had no one in charge of the Customer or their eXperience. Regardless of your company’s size, you need to have someone who loses sleep at night over the Customer and how every department and all employee-training affects the Customer eXperience.

Customer eXperience Executive Academy – With the rapid growth of the CCO and CXO positions in businesses today, a tough challenge has been getting these executives the proper Customer service training needed to lead an entire company’s eXperience and all the components that go along with that responsibility. While MBA programs have prepared leaders for accounting, finance, marketing, HR, and operations management, there remained a need for education to design and manage the Customer’s eXperience. As a result of this demand, educational resources like the Customer eXperience Executive Academy has been created so companies from all over the world can send their Customer service leaders for comprehensive training and certification on all the facets and responsibilities that fall under Customer eXperience.

The CXE Curriculum – The curriculum has been designed to prepare CX executives for a new level of leadership to the benefit the entire organization. This course dramatically increases CX executives’ service aptitude and ensures they have the skill set to lead the brand’s entire Customer eXperience. The CXE provides a comprehensive and authoritative view of the Customer and creates corporate and Customer strategy at the highest levels of the company to maximize Customer acquisition, retention, and profitability. It teaches how the Customer eXperience influences strategies of all areas of the business that impact the Customer, and ensures the service strategies are built around, and for, the Customer. Included is everything from assessing the current state of service in an organization and how to build a culture and systems within that deliver world-class eXperiences consistently. The CXE Academy provides comprehensive training and certification on all facets and responsibilities that fall under the Customer eXperience while sharing best practices through high impact exchanges with like-minded professionals. As a student at The CXE Academy you will develop your ability to design and implement significant business changes that impact the Customer service delivered by your organization. The series of classes developed for The CXE Academy follows the trademarked 10 Commandments methodology created by John DiJulius and The DiJulius Group. As a participant, you will learn the importance of each aspect of this methodology, and how to implement and execute on each one.

Enroll in The CXE Academy today and learn how to:

  • Adapt The DiJulius Group’s trademarked 10 Commandments methodology and tailor it to your business
  • Start a Customer Service Revolution in your organization
  • Transform and improve the six components of your Customer’s eXperience
  • Create a strong Service Vision that instills purpose in your employees
  • Recruit, engage, retain and develop employees with high service aptitude that align to your core values
  • Build a culture that seeks to go above and beyond what is expected during interactions
  • Develop non-negotiable experiential standards that are executed on, with each Customer, in each interaction
  • Systematize hospitality to ensure consistency among departments and locations
  • Create and implement zero risk systems to avoid service challenges and work to strengthen Customer relationships if you eXperience a service failure
  • Measure your Customer’s eXperience and how to address the data your receive
  • Walk the talk as a World-class leader

The CXE course is a 12-month, part-time program. Training will occur in classroom, and virtually through scheduled calls and webinars. The CXE student is required to attend quarterly intensive training sessions and also participate in regular virtual meetings. Each classroom session is a combination of lectures and interactive workshops. Students will be challenged to develop a custom strategic plan for their organization in order to build hospitality systems within their culture.

2015 Academy dates – The classroom dates for 2015 CXE academy are January 20th-23rd, April 7th-9th, June 23rd-25th, September 29th-30th, and October 1st. If you or someone in your company is a fit for the Customer eXperience Executive Academy, you can apply today.

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John DiJulius

John R. DiJulius is a best-selling author, consultant, keynote speaker and President of The DiJulius Group, the leading Customer experience consulting firm in the nation. He blogs on Customer experience trends and best practices.